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Our blog has always been buzzing with loads on comments on many of our posts. To point them in the right directions, here we are presenting you We, a  special place for Android enthusiasts. Read on to know the various features you will enjoy as a We member and what is the idea behind starting this.

About five months ago, we started the Droidiser Forum, a healthy new way to keep that interaction more sorted so that other users get benefitted. The forums were doing well but we had to abandon the project as the site went down a lot of times due to some hosting problems. As I have enough time during my post exam holidays, I decided to start a fresh new project with the same objective in mind: To provide a healthy place for Android discussions especially in the Indian context, we decided to develop We. At the time Droidiser forum was started, it was only Android forum dedicated to India.

Recently, I have seen a surge in the number of android forums out there. To distinguish ours from all those, here are the reasons you should consider signing up for the Cleanest, Friendliest Android Forums right now.

Free account with no bars: I have seen a lot of forums where premium membership plans areavailable which gives an alienated feeling to the users with free membership, no matter how much value they give to the forum. At We, we respect the things you share on the forum instead of the subscription you are opting for. We rank our members on the basis of their level of participation and helpfulness, not whether they have paid money or not. We don't have any plans for introducing paid subscription even in the long term. So, you can stay sure that We will be always free for everyone. In the future, better features such as increased amount of storage for Private Messages, might be provided to members who are highly ranked.

Less Crowded: There are two ways of looking at every thing. There might be a lot of problems associated with having less number of members, but as We has just started, there will be quite low number of people who are active on the forums. Being optimistic, we look at the brightr side of life and in this case that reflects that all the requests users make would have higher chances of getting fulfilled. If you'd request us to create a forum for your device, we shall create one. If you report us a bug or ask us for a feature, we shall do our very best to consider them asap. Also, hooliganism can be better controlled when there isn't much crowd. So, you can expect an absolutely clean atmosphere.

Truly Indian: Looking at some popular Android forums, it is safe to assume that a lots of active members there are Indians. The number is high enough that they can keep a whole forum buzzing. So, though the We forums are open to everyone in the world, it is dedicated to Indians. Live Desi!

Tag other members: This feature was recently introduced on Xda-developers forum and we were really a fan of it. This feature is missing from most forums out there, but considering how handy it is, we have introduced it on We. Use the help topic on the We forum to know how this works. Whenever you tag a fellow member on We, he/she gets a PM or an email (depending on preferences) notifying that the topic might need his/her attention.

No Complicated Rules: We consider We as a family and like all families, We has its ethics and we expect everyone to follow them. Thanks to the almighty, you can actually read these rules without needing to contact a lawyer or setting aside a few hours just for this purpose. An Ethics topic in the General section contains the 9 sacred ethics every member should follow.

Hindi Forums: Most Android forums have a rule (if you have ever read them), that you are supposed to post only and only in English language. That can be a real pain for lot of us who don't feel comfortable in English. The Hindi Forum can be used to discuss anything in Hindi or Hinglish, whatever you feel comfortable using. If you need, this article will help you with typing in Hindi.

Rewards Scheme: First 3 members who get to I'm Droidised! rank will get a Level II reward while first 5 members who reach Android Addict rank will get Level I reward. As I'm no bill Gates and don't have any source of income other than this blog, the rewards won't be life changing but will be a token of respect and love for your fruitful contribution to the forums. And Level II reward will obviously be cooler than the Level I reward! Refer this topic for more info about Ranking system, and this one for the Reward scheme.

Ad Free: The We forums are at the cleanest stage possible right now and currently, there are no plans to bring the annoying ads on this lovely community.
Fine Print: If I am unable to fund the hosting of we, I might be forced to implement them, but right now, they are ad free and will stay in this form for quite a period of time.

Built using Open Source Phpbb: We just love open source stuff, not just because it is free, but for the spirit behind it. That's why We is built using the phpBBforum script.

Register an account at We

Right now, even your first name will be available as username. And that won't last for long. :)

So, if you feel that the reasons above hold a punch and decide to become a member at We, these are some handy topics you might enjoy paying a visit:

  • The Say Hi TopicA new member gets acquainted with other members by posting a Hi and a short introduction of himself.
  • The Ban the Member above you Topic: This is a popular forum game in which the member who is posting bans the member who has posted above him for any silly reason. The banning done in this thread is not real in any context though, it is meant to be a fun place to visit after you brain starts hurting after talking a lot about Android.
  • The Help Topic: If you are facing difficulty using any feature or getting familiar with the options present on the forum, this would be the place We would recommend you to go to.
If you have any suggestions or want to say anything about the We forums, the comments box below is always waiting for you.
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