How to get Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Clock app on Android 2.2 and above

With my Karbonn Tablet stuck on Android 4.1.2 and my Spice phone at a (ridiculous) Android 2.2, I had been scouring the internet to find a port of the official Android 4.3 clock app for my outdated gizmos. Why I had been looking for the 4.3 clock app is obvious. In Android 4.3, the clock app includes a countdown timer and a stopwatch, eliminating the need to install those app separately. Also, I’m a fan of the UI of every stock Android app and the stock Clock app in the new Jelly Bean is no exception. I found the app where I had least expected it to be present at- The Play Store. Almost every ported app and mod appears on xda, so it was kinda refreshing to see the port of the Android 4.3 Clock making its way to the Play Store.

Developed by Moblynx, Clock JB is a free app on the Play Store and provides Android 4.3 clock app’s experience on every Android device that runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above. Those who install a lot of apps might have heard about Moblynx, as it is the developer behind the popular Camera ICS app, which was a port of stock Ice Cream Sandwich’s camera app for older Android versions.

If you haven’t seen the official Android 4.3 app yet, Clock JB has three tabs. The one on the left is the Countdown Timer. The middle and default one is the Clock tab, the one that actually displays the time. And the one on the right is the Stopwatch tab. Apart from the eye candy, these tabs perform their expected functions very well.

There is a premium version of the Clock JB app, named Clock JB+, that adds a crucial feature: Alarm, along with some other ones. If you want to just delete your stock clock app and use it as a complete replacement, you can appreciate the app developer’s efforts and buy the paid version of the app. For all other needs,, the free version works great. If you are still insisting on deleting the old (stock) clock app from your device but don’t want to spend a dime, you can always download any free alarm app from the Play Store and use it alongside Clock JB.

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