Soccer Super Scores app: One of the finest Sports Apps out there

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. This explains why a good Soccer app is so important for a lot many people. When I saw a 4.9 star rating of the Soccer Super Scores app, my expectations certainly rose.

Before starting with the review of the Soccer Super Scores app, let me confess that Soccer isn’t my favorite sport and I follow it less than I follow cricket (as expected in India). So, pardon me for my limited knowledge about the game. :P

Review: Soccer Super Scores Android App

User Interface

Super Soccer App follows the latest Android Design Guidelines. Using the app was a really soothing experience for my eyes. A swipe from the left edge brings out the various options. Frequently needed actions are assigned nicely to a bar at the bottom. You can easily add favorites and set reminders for any team or any match.


When you start the app, you are greeted by three tabs. The central tab is default one and shows the matches that will be played today.  This tab lists all the leagues. Use the search button to get to the one you want to follow. On the right side of the fixture, the app shows the time remaining in the match to begin, depending on the timezone you are living in. The Yesterday tab shows the results of the matches that were played yesterday and Tomorrow tab shows fixtures for the next day.

Just like Cricbuzz, Soccer Super Scores app concentrates on much more than just providing you the scores of a soccer match. You can see informations about your favorite team and read soccer news from within the app.

The fact that there are so many Football Leagues and a lot of matches are played on a daily basis, the league list as well as the team list provided in the app is huge. It could have been a pain to manually find a team in there, so a search button sits pretty at a bottom bar in the app. Depending on where in the app you are, the bottom bar will present some handy buttons. Some of them will expand and collapse the whole lists, others will let you favorite a team or mute the notifications.

You can see all the matches a team has played against the other by selecting any two teams in a league and pressing the head-to-head button. You can see the current leaderboard. The leaderboard also contains three tabs: Home, Overall and Away. No prizes for guessing what they are meant for. You can select a team and watch its squad, learn more about the team members and know their upcoming matches, among other things.

You can also select which competitions are to be displayed in the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow sections by pressing the menu icon (three dots) and selecting Filter Competitions. When you jump to Settings, you have the option to receive notifications about the teams you have favorited. Then, you can select whether you would like your device to make a sound or vibrate to notify you.


The Soccer Super Scores app is totally stable, packs in more features than one can digest, has a nice UI and the package size is just 4.2 megabytes. Add to it the fact that this app can run on Android 2.2 and above and that it doesn’t cost a dime makes it a must-have app for everyone who loves Soccer. I wish there was such an app for every sport out there.
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