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Clean applications’ cache using Cache Cleaner to free up some space

Most applications you install on your Android device store cache files and take up some important percentage of your phone memory. Cache Cleaner, a new entry on the Play Store, lets you clear up these cache files at the press of a button.

Cache helps an app to launch faster the next time you open it. Clearing cache doesn’t clear out your preferences or login information from an app. That thing is stored in application data. Application Data and Cache are two different things. Clearing cache will do something you won’t generally notice. So, if you are sitting tight on phone memory, clearing cache can give you some breathing space.

Clean Cache is pretty straight forward and even a layman won’t have any problem using it. When you launch Cache Cleaner, it will index and analyze the applications you have installed on your Android device. This process took barely 5 seconds on my 1.5 GHz dual core processor powered tablet. Snappy. Once the analyzing is done, a pie chart shows you the amount of space used up by your applications’ data and cache. Two buttons above the pie chart allow you to either refresh it or to clear the entire cache.

A swipe to the right allows you to get to the second tab in which all apps are listed individually along with the size of their cache. In the second tab, tapping on any app’s icon will take you to its App Management screen, the default one that you get by going to Setting > Applications. I would have liked it to clear cache of that app only.  Ads have been included quite intelligently in this free app. When the app is busy analyzing your app for their cache size or when you are clearing down cache using the clear cache button, only then do the ads appear. This provides a cleaner feel to the app as most of times you have no ads on your screen at all.

Cache Cleaner should work fine on all Android devices running Android 2.0 and above. This covers over 97% of the android devices present in the world. I didn’t encounter any bug in my 15-20 long stint with Cache Cleaner.


Recommended. A minimalistic Android utility to help you gain some crucial megabytes of phone memory. Cache Cleaner doesn’t cost anything and is thus, more than worth a try.