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Simple Defragmenter defragments your Android device’s storage to speed it up

Simple Defragmenter is an Android utility which is meant to help you speed up your Android device a bit by defragmenting the storage. According to the app’s description, defragmenting your phone’s storage can boost its speed by up to 40%. We shall talk about this claim later.

Coming to the app, the user interface of Simple Defragmenter is one of the cleanest ones you will ever find. When you run this app, it will analyze your phone’s internal storage. A bar showing the defragmentation levels on your storage will be generated. Clicking on this bar will begin the defragmentation process. Before the defragmentation process is started, a warning message is displayed stating that the defragmentation process will take 1-5 minutes and should not be interrupted. Once initiated, the defragmentation will take its time and complete. After defragmentation is completed, you are asked to repeat the process after 3 days.

I really liked the way ads are displayed in this app. Simple Defragmenter displays ads when some sort of process is going on beyond. It becomes less of an annoyance and more of a time kill to go through the ad when the app is actually perfrming a task, a time at which we are otherwise forced to stare at the screen waiting for the process to complete.

Now, to the real question, is Defragmentation really necessary on an Android device? The answer is no. Neither Android device’s internal storage nor the flash cards need to be defragmented. There is no moving parts in there (unlike Hard Drives in your PC), so seektime is very low and fragmentation on sd card or internal storage doesn’t slow things down. Rather, like SSDs, android storage has limited number of write cycles and defragmenting can cause bad impact on the life of your Android device’s storage.

The developer, when asked about this, confirmed that defragmentation is indeed not required on Android devices. What the app really does is that it puts the chunks of data together. It merges app data and cleans up old files. Simple Defragmenter has shown improvements in reading and writing speeds of the storage.

With that being said, the app doesn’t seem to have any kind of malicious permissions. So, if you have been experiencing lags on your Android phone, you might want to give this free app a try. Download Simple Defragmenter by Simpleapplab by clicking the button below.