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Change Boot Logo and Boot Animation on Karbonn A12+

Agree to it or not, seeing the same ol’ boot logo and animation every time you switch on your phone is plain boring. If you don’t have a smartphone or own a caged one (read Windows and iOS), then there’s nothing you can do about it. But as you own a Karbonn A12+ which skis on the not-so-old Android 4.2 i.e. Jelly Bean and also because I have done all the hard work, you can simply flash a zip file to get rid of the old stuff and move on to something refreshingly new.

And for the time when you start getting bored of even these new graphics that show up on the boot, we shall be covering the steps to create you own Boot Animation and Boot Logos for Mediatek devices. We have already covered changing the Boot Animation on any Android device.

This article will also be more helpful to those who don’t have enough time to create the boot logo and boot animation themselves but still don’t want to leave it at stock.


I can’t believe I am typing this again! Still, it is my duty to declare that anything that you do from the instructions given on this page might harm your phone and we might not be able to help you out in all cases. Rest assured, I have tested the zip file I am posting about on my Karbonn A12+ and it is working perfectly fine.
Updated Boot Logo, looks even more brilliant
on Karbonn A12+'s awesome display

How to change Boot Logo and Animation on Karbonn A12+:

  • First of all, you need to have installed clockworkmod recovery on your Karbonn A12+. To install clockworkmod recovery, you will have to root it too. Please be warned that doing both of these things will void your warranty temporarily unless you restore things to factory state later on.
  • Download Karbonn A12+ Boot Graphics Modder and copy it to your sdcard
  • Boot into Clockworkmod Recovery. On your Karbonn A12+, you have first switch off your phone. Once your phone completely powers off (this is indicated by a vibration), press and hold Volume Up + Power button. When a screen with three options appear, use Volume Up to scroll to Recovery Mode option and then press Volume Down to get to Clockworkmod recovery.
  • Select Install zip from sdcard option and depending on the location where you pasted the zip file in step 2, locate and flash the file.
  • Press the back button and select Reboot option. Notice the new boot logo and animation that appears now.
This is it. If you went through the first two steps i.e. rooting and installing clockworkmod recovery on your phone, I don’t think you would have any problems in following these easy steps.

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