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How to enable Daydream Mode on Karbonn A12+

Karbonn A12+ has been the phone we've been recommending recently for a budget of around INR 5,000 ($82). Though Karbonn A12+ runs on Android 4.2, it is missing a nice feature called Daydream. It might look like the feature is missing from the device, it isn't actually missing but is invisible to most eyes. We found out where it was hiding and thus sprang up with this article to disclose the top secret location of Daydream in Karbonn A12+.

What is Daydream?

Daydream is a modernized version of the screensaver mode we were so used to in those good ol' Java powered handsets. When we either dock or charge our Android, the display usually stays off. Daydream mode allows us to view useful information when display timeout is reached at those times. On Stock Android, Daydream mode can be activated by going to Settings > Display > Daydream. As you might have expected from what I wrote earlier, display settings in Karbonn A12+ are devoid of an option to activate Daydream.

Enabling Daydream Mode on Karbonn A12+:

  • Given you are using stock launcher, open the App Drawer.
  • Tap the Widgets tab to get to the widgets or swipe through all the apps to get there. (Depending on which launcher you are using, getting to Widgetss screen might differ.)
  • Find the Widget named Settings Shortcut. Long press this widget and drag it to your home screen.
  • Once you drop it on your preferred home screen, a popup window will open asking you to what Setting you want that shortcut to take you.
  • A Daydream option is lying stealthily here. Tap on it to create a shortcut to it.
  • Tap the shortcut which you just created.
  • Select the widget you want to use for Daydream mode. Most of the times, I use Clock. Depending on what third party apps you have installed, these options might vary.

By default, we have a few options to choose from in Daydream mode: Clock, BeanFlinger, Colors, Photo Table and Photo Frame.

BeanFlinger options need to be unlocked to get access to it. It can be unlocked by going to Settings > About Phone. Now, tap on Android version a few times repeatedly. Tap on the Jelly that appears and then long press on it. This will unlock BeanFlinger option in the Daydream mode.

Though it is one of the easiest things to do on Android that I have made a guide for, if you still have any difficulty accessing the Daydream mode on your Karbonn A12+.