Use Whatsapp a lot? Here are 5 things that can get you banned from using Whatsapp! [Exclusive]

WhatsApp is perhaps the second most popular thing to have happened to the current generation, after Facebook. About 76 of my 101 contacts are on WhatsApp, the rest most probably don't own a smartphone yet. This speaks volumes about how much WhatsApp matters to our daily communication these days. But as Uncle Ben once said, with great number of users, come great responsibility. So, finally WhatsApp has decided to take some actions on the amount of unwanted messages people receive using the app. As it pans out, using Whatsapp Plus isn't the only reason for which Whatsapp will be temporarily banning its users. If you use Whatsapp a lot for your daily conversations, you would probably want to know what all are the deeds that can get you temporarily banned from using Whatsapp. If that's the case, read on, as we put up a detailed list of all the reasons Whatsapp might ban you for!

I think, we all are pretty used to receiving messages that go like, "Forward this to 1.5 million friends by this hour, or face the wrath of some random God". Or friends who keep nudging us again, and again, and again - for replies to their silly thoughts. Seems like Whatsapp doesn't what its users to be annoyed, and is working on temporarily banning users who are found indulging in any of the below mentioned activities:

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Source of the reasons Whatsapp might ban you that we have listed below:
We had signed up to help the translation of Whatsapp in our local language here in India (Hindi), and that's where we spotted Whatsapp requesting the translation of all the reasons it might ban you in the near future. You can check these yourself, at the official Translate for Whatsapp website.
  1. You send messages to too many people who don't have you in their contacts.Again, in order to prevent people from sending messages to too many people who don't have the sender in their contacts list, Whatsapp will inflict a temporary ban on the sender.
  2. Too many people blocked you.
    This can be a problem for you only if you are too annoying to many people whom you message, which will lead them to block you. When too many people have blocked you, you will be temporarily banned from using Whatsapp.

  3. You create too many groups with people who don't have you in their contacts.
    Again, if you love creating groups every now and then, and adding strangers into those groups, you better curb your administration ambitions somewhat or end up facing a ban from Whatsapp. Now you wouldn't want that, would you?

  4. You may have violated Whatsapp's terms of service.
    This one was the reason cited for Whatsapp when it banned users using Whatsapp Plus for 24 hours. So, using a modified version of Whatsapp was counted as violation of Whatsapp's terms of service. As we're in no mood to go through the full terms of service Whatsapp has, you might want to do so in order to ensure that you stay ban-free.

  5. You send the same message to too many people on Whatsapp.
    This will probably help to deter people from forwarding annoying chain messages. Or do blatant spamming by sending too many contacts the same link in a message. As a person only needs to be in the sender's contacts, till now, it meant that you could just add random phone numbers to your list and send them some spammy promotional message and they had no option to stop this annoyance other than blocking you. Now, Whatsapp will take care of this itself, by banning those users who send the same message to too many users. Sadly, we don't have any information how Whatsapp defines the term too many. I couldn't get the screenshot for this one, but I had read it on Whatsapp's website the other day.
All the reasons mentioned above might not be implemented right away, but Whatsapp certainly has plans to roll them out, as it is asking its translators such phrases, as visible in the screenshots attached above.

Also, while we have only heard about the 24 hours ban that was inflicted on users using Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp is very possibly planning to increase the ban period on repeated violations, just like Facebook, its parents company, does when users send too many friend requests to people whom they don't know.
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