Further evidence suggests Whatsapp is indeed working on VoIP calls; Leaks a few features in tow [Exclusive]

We recently published a story on how using Whatsapp Plus wasn't the only reason Whatsapp would be banning its users for. The source of the information we had given in the article was Whatsapp's Translate website. Digging through the website gave us further evidence (apart from the screenshots that leaked some time back) to suggest that Whatsapp is indeed working on introducing the VoIP calling feature to its app, in order to compete with the likes of Line, Viber and WeChat, all of which, till now, have Advertised voice calling as their USP over Whatsapp.

The phrases that Whatsapp is asking its volunteers to translate gives us a fair indication of the features that the calling feature on Whatsapp will come with. We are sharing those features, along with the original screenshots, in the article below.

As we mentioned in the other exclusive article we had about Whatsapp, this information comes from the official Whatsapp website where it is asking volunteers to submit translations for the phrases (whose screenshots are attached below) before it publishes an update containing the new feature.

The features Whatsapp Voice Calling will have:

  1. VoIP Call Recording:
    Users will be able to record the calls they perform over Whatsapp. An error message will be displayed whenever the call recording fails (the reasons for failure aren't mentioned anywhere, but we guess it might be like in cases where the user runs out of memory or something).
  2. Call Stats:
    Whatsapp will display a call log for all the calls that you make using the app. An option to clear the call log or delete a particular entry will also be present. The account section will display some statistics about calls, like how many calls you've made till now, data used by calls, how many of those are outgoing calls et cetera.

  3. Decline incoming call with quick reply:
    Keeping it simple, the way native Android calling works, Whatsapp will provide an option to decline an incoming Whatsapp call with a quick reply, somewhere on the lines of Call you later, as we are used to see on default Android voice calls.

  4. A label to display that the incoming call is a Whatsapp Call:
    A little text somewhere on the incoming call screen will mention that the incoming call is a Whatsapp call.

  5. Display a message if the other user can't currently receive a Whatsapp call:
    Whatsapp will display a message if the other user currently doesn't support VoIP calls over Whatsapp, or if he/she needs an update to support this feature.

  6. A new call icon akin to the new message icon:
    A new call icon will be added beside the new message icon and a help text will be displayed, probably the first time the application is installed/updated with that feature.

  7. Display a message if you're already on another Whatsapp or voice call:
    You won't be able to enter a new Whatsapp call if you are already on a voice call or Whatsapp call. In that case, a message will be displayed notifying you about this.

  8. Slide to Answer:
    Whatsapp incoming call screen will use the good old Slide to Answer option that we are so used to see on normal Android incoming calls.

  9. Option to mute call:
    Yep, there will be an option to mute your mic during a Whatsapp call. This is a pretty basic feature, but not call VoIP calling apps implement it.

  10. Message the caller whose call you missed:
    The notification for a call that you missed that will appear in the status bar will contain an option to message the caller by pressing the notification itself. Kind of like the archive button we see in a new email notification from Gmail.

So, there you have it! The features we have mentioned above will be pretty much all that is going to end up in the the calling feature that Whatsapp will be bringing soon. There isn't anything fancy in there, but Whatsapp isn't known for being fancy then. Its popularity is because of its simplicity, and it seems that it will maintain that even it adds this coveted feature for its 600 million+ strong userbase.

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