[Exclusive] How to get Xiaomi Redmi 1S broken screen repaired for less than Rs. 1,200 ($20)

Regular readers at Droidiser must have read the article in which I had shared the disappointing experience I had with Xiaomi customer support here in India, after I tried contacting them when I managed to crack my Redmi 1S's screen. To be honest, the experience itself wasn't bad, but the price these guys were asking to replace the screen was ridiculous - no one wants to pay Rs. 4,200 for a phone that originally costed you Rs. 6,000. A main reason behind the exorbitant pricing of the screen is that the customer support guys generally don't go with the riskier route of replacing the touch glass only - they rather replace the full display + touch glass even if your touch and display are working fine despite cracks. If that is the case, let me tell you how I got my Xiaomi Redmi 1S repaired for Rs. 1,150 after it fell from my pocket, which had resulted into the upper glass shattering and showing many cracks, though the touch and display were still working fine.

How I got my Xiaomi Redmi 1S broken screen repaired for Rs. 1,150

  1. Order a replacement touch glass panel from Ebay (if available - faster delivery), or from AliExpress.

    Note: The Ebay listing I have linked costs Rs. 1,199 ($19.36) but should reach you within a week. The Aliexpress one costs Rs. 1,158 ($18) but might take 30-60 days to reach you (in my case though, I got it in 20 days). The links above might not work once the listings expire. If that happens, search "Redmi 1S touch glass" on AliExpress and Ebay to see your options.
  2. Once the touch glass is delivered to you, if you are confident about battling it out with the hardware part of your phone, you can replace the touch glass yourself by following the youtube video below (not recommended). Go this route only if you have experience in dealing with mobile hardware.

    Otherwise (recommended), take your Redmi 1S and the touch glass that you have received, to any local mobile repair shop.
  3. Any decent mobile repair shop should be able to repair the phone for you. I got the mobile repair shop guys to replace the screen for me for just Rs. 100 ($1.6), though the cost the repairman asks you might differ depending on your location.
  4. Ask the repairman to go slightly careful when removing the original cracked touch glass, as this is the most critical step in replacing the screen, and carelessness might lead to cracking the display itself - which will cause you ~ Rs. 3,000 to get replaced.
That's it. Though this guide involves money, it is one of the easiest how-to guides I have ever written on Droidiser. May God be with you on your crusade to get your lovely, old Redmi 1S back in its full glory.

Enjoy the photos of the replacement glass that I had received from AliExpress below.

Note: The photos attached below are cropped to prevent high page loading times. Download the original images here.

The packing and tools with which the replacement touch glass was delivered
Front view of the replacement glass for Redmi 1S
Redmi 1S Replacement Touch Glass - Front Top view
Redmi 1S replacement touch glass back view
Redmi 1S Touch Glass Back Top view

Redmi 1S Touch Glass Back Bottom view

Redmi 1S Touch Glass Front Bottom View
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