How to Root Galaxy Note 4 - Quick, Easy and Safe

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung's latest addition to its highly acclaimed and popular Note series of smartphones. What once began with a smartphone that was almost ridiculed for its too large size back then, has resulted into the second most popular smartphone lineup for Samsung, after only the S series. (Galaxy S, S2, S3 etc.)

Though the Galaxy Note 4 is brimming with the latest and best in terms of hardware, there are still some things that you can tweak only when you have rooted your Galaxy Note 4. Once you root, you will be able to install exotic custom roms on your smartphone, probably receiving the latest Android updates faster than your non-rooted counterparts, among several other benefits - like the ability to uninstall system apps, and use the added functionality that comes with root-only apps.

Before you even start thinking about rooting your smartphone, there are a few things that you need to know, especially if you are rooting a smartphone for the first time.

Things to know before you proceed:

  • Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will void the manufacturer's warranty. Samsung smartphones mostly come with a flash counter that can be a tricky to trick in order to fool Samsung guys about whether your Note 4 is rooted or not. You can reset your flash counter by using TriangleAway application by the famous Chainfire, but still, you should know that by proceeding further you are putting your warranty at stake.
  • Though the tutorials we post here at HowToRootGalaxy.com are tried and tested, we hold no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that you might cause to your smartphone while trying to follow our instructions.
    P.S. I'm just supposed to say this. Don't take it as if you will end up nuking your Galaxy Note 4 by following this guide. :P
  • Charge your Galaxy Note 4 to at least 30% before proceeding to follow the given instructions.

How to Root Galaxy Note 4 using CF-Auto-Root and Odin

  1. Download the CF-Auto-Root for your Galaxy Note 4 by visiting this post. Do make sure that you download the file applicable to your specific device model.
    Important: You can find the device model of your device by going to Settings > About Device > Model number. Make sure you download the correct file. (Note 4 India is SM-N910G, Note 4 International variant is SM-N910F.)
  2. Download and install Odin 3.09 and Kies Mini on your Windows PC.
  3. Once installed, run Odin on your computer.
  4. Now boot your Galaxy Note 4 in Download Mode. This can be done by first switching off the mobile, and then pressing the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously till the screen lights up, so that your smartphone now enters the Download mode (You might see a warning, with instructions asking you to press Volume Up to enter Download mode, and Volume Down to reboot normally. Press Volume up in that case).
  5. Now once your Galaxy Note 4 is in the Download mode, connect it to your PC using a USB cable.
  6. In the Odin window that we had opened in step 3, a message saying Added should be visible.
    Note: If no such message appears, try inserting the USB cable in a different USB port, restarting your PC, or reinstalling the USB drivers altogether.
  7. Select the PDA option in Odin. This will cause a file explorer window to open up, asking you to pick a file. Select the CF-Auto-Root file you downloaded for your specific Note 4 model in step 1.
  8. Finally, click Start and the flashing process should begin. Don't disconnect your phone or shut down your computer during this process. Once the process completes, a PASS message will appear in Odin. Once that happens, you can disconnect your Galaxy Note 4 from the USB cable and restart it.
That would be it. If you have prior experience of using Odin to flash your Samsung smartphone, this must have been a cakewalk. Even if you hadn't already, you would still have to agree that it was pretty easy to perform after all. Thanks Mr. Chainfire, for developing this awesome tool to help us and you guys root our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 without much efforts, and minimal risk.
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