Emofix aims to take your selfie addiction to the next level

Indiegogo (and Kickstarter) are often a home to unheard of innovative inventions, seeking funds from the crowd to bring out the next big thing to the market. Emofix is a plastic remote control for your smartphone's camera, and its Indiegogo campaign is seeking to raise $15,000.

If you often run after setting a timer to be in that group photo, or want to activate your phone's camera or video recording using a handy remote button, Emofix looks to be your partner. Weighing at just 22 grams, Emofix can be carried everywhere you go, using a keychain or wristband. This square plastic remote device has a button that can be used to control your smartphone's camera (or video mode, depending on what you've chosen in your camera app) via bluetooth.

Using Emofix to capture images is simple, as it doesn't require installation of any application or software, and works across iOS and Android devices. It comes with a built-in battery that, as per the claims, would last about 2 years. Add to that the fact that the device is water resistant and that dropping it even on concrete still won't break the device, and Emofix starts appearing like something that will not end up dead just days after you buy out.

So while it doesn't sound like the must own gadget to everyone, Emofix should appeal to a lot of camera-loving people, who can't go through their day without uploading an album on instagram and a pout selfie on Facebook. The Indiegogo campaign puts an Emofix in your hand for just $19, if you put in your contribution soon enough. Once the early bird pricing of $19 is over, the price will be increased to $29. All the perks come with free worldwide shipping, so borders should not be a barrier if the gadget fun to you.
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