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Sure-Fire and Actionable Tips for Improving Search Rankings

Improving search rankings remains a matter of intense focus as well as conjecture because of the dynamic behavior of the search engines that keep on tweaking their search algorithms. However, according to SEO experts, there are certain actions that will always pay dividends and improve your search rankings. Here is a brief overview of the top tips.

Understand and Satisfy the Intent of Users

Irrespective of the strides made in SEO techniques, the success of a website ultimately depends upon the experience of the user, above everything else. While keywords were the first tool used by SEO for optimization, the technique has been refined to a stage where more thought needs to be paid to the actual intention of the user and the entire SEO approach framed around that. Getting to know of the intent depends upon the questions the searcher is asking, the information need of the user, and the main purpose of conducting the search. By trying to link the questions to the intent, the intent itself can be linked with the topic that can contain the expected appropriate keywords. Rather than obsessing over semantic content, the real way of winning the war of the searches is to focus on solving the problem of the user, according to experts at a leading Utah SEO services company.

News Site Backlinks

While backlinks from sites were among the earliest SEO techniques, it remains in vogue even now. However, the quality of the backlink has become more important now, and it has been established that backlinks from web pages of news sites are the most effective in driving up page ranks. To enable getting backlinks from news sites that have standing, you could issue press releases periodically that increase your visibility to the news sites. Other ways are helping out reporters, emerging as a spokesperson, maintaining high visibility in industry forums and playing an active role in community development. Current event blogging also ensures that the media can quote you, when required.

Stay With Link Building

Even though there has been an outcry against building links in recent times, it remains to be very important for driving page ranks. You need, however, to be beware of black hat link building techniques and focus on earning backlinks that are good quality and relevant to the page contents. The best approach of link building is one that is scalable.

Keywords That Have High Relevancy

With keyword stuffing having set search engines into a tizzy a few years back, and with user intent assuming greater importance, it can be forgiven if you were to think that keywords have lost all relevancies as far as SEO is concerned. However, the latest SEO guide makes it clear that the presence of the keywords, if they are associated or relevant to the subject, is still important to the search engines. However, be wary of stuffing the website content with terms that can be exact keyword matches as that will signal spam and lay the website open to penalties.

Generate Interactive Elements

It is the opinion of SEO experts that the inclusion of interactive elements into website contents has a positive correlation with superior page rankings. Interactive elements can comprise items that can permit a user to participate in activities such as embedded tweets, infographics, quizzes, list content, games, social media widgets, links, polls, etc. Search engines love interactive content because it often serves as an indication of superior user experience.

Make It Reader-Friendly

There is content that is good and there is content that is easy to read. Brilliant SEO can be achieved if you can combine both, as the easier the visitors find it to read the web content, the more they will find the experience useful. Search engines recognize this and pull the page ranking right up. Typically, the content should be as long as it deserves to be instead of being skeletal and the content should be structured well and laid out in a manner that makes it more readable. The extent of readability and usefulness of the website is determined by human graders employed by Google. If the content has lists, Google loves it more.

Author bio: David Burrows is an SEO expert at a firm that is primarily dedicated to improving the page rankings of local businesses. A bass guitarist who plays at a local club, he likes nothing better than blogging on SEO and search engine algorithms.