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something for Android is here: Earn cashback when you shop online

One of the primary reasons behind the absence of  quality articles on Droidiser in the past year or so is - a project that I started last year which provides people cashback for shopping online. While it hasn't made me a competitor to the Ambani brothers on the Forbes list yet, I have still been working on it for most parts of my day. About 2 months back, I started learning Android App development on my own, and since then, I have been working to develop a beautiful iteration of the Recharged,in website on the Android platform.

Today, it pleases me to launch the app on Play Store. For those of you who haven't heard of, or don't know what it does, here's a summary. Every time a website refers you to an online store and you purchase something, the online store pays the referrer website some commission for referring a sale. - both the app as well as the website, shares the commission that the online store pays with the user who placed the order, making the purchase he did an even better deal. The best part of this is that for most of the stores, you receive cashback even on deal items that are already on sale; and supposedly the best price.

Dsiclaimer: No, not my hand. Nope, not my phone either.
Coming back to the app, I will not try to review my own app myself, because the efforts I've put into it will make it hard for me to not review it as the best app the humankind has ever seen. Whether the app is actually a beautiful iteration of the website is subject to one's opinion, I have given my best to make it look and work as beautifully as possible. The app supports Android devices running Android 4.0 and up, and comes in at a decently light-weight size of 3.1 MB. The app currently makes use of the Cards interface that we have come to see in many Material Design apps now, most notably, Google Now and Play Store app itself.

All is not as well as it may seem though. A few friends have reported some weird bugs that weren't there when I tested the apps on 3 different devices. I couldn't test the app as extensively as I should have because of time constraints. I would try to remove them in future updates to the app. Till then, you can go ahead and give the app a try right now. If you like it, don't hesitate in giving it a shiny 5 star review and feel free to share it with your friends too.