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What type of document security system is right for me?

Last year, the telecom giant AT&T faced a major data breach that affected 1,600 people.  It was an inside employee who violated the company privacy policy and procured sensitive information like driver's license and Social Security numbers.  But this is not new.  Similar attacks happened across all industries globally in recent years from the BBC Investigation breach to the data breach in the Australian Immigration Department.

So, it is of utmost importance to have a document security system in place that not only safeguards crucial data, but also helps in reducing unnecessary expenses and helps build stolid customer loyalty. However, it’s not just about implementing one: you need the correct system that fits your business.

This article covers the questions to ask yourself that will help in evaluating the best document security solution to meet your needs.

What Am I Trying to Secure?

Choosing a good document security solution completely depends on your objective and the kind of business you are in.  This is the first question you need to ask yourself: What kind of data are you trying to secure?  For example:
  • Internal or external confidential and sensitive information like customer data and business information
  • Protection of intranet or web content
  • Prohibit illegal distribution of digital media
  • Safeguard copying and distribution of software
Do I Need a Granular Approach?

Incorporating security systems and measurements could be easy for a bootstrapped startup, but can be a daunting task for large corporations.  Depending on the number of insiders and the type of information accessed, there could be a high probability of inside data theft opportunities.

So it is very important to evaluate whether a central robust security system would be good across all kinds of data, or whether having a customized solution like an online administration system is preferable to monitor access and set up license authorizations for an individual desktop separately.

Do I Need to Demonstrate Compliance?

Every business has to adhere to rules and regulations like HIPAA or FACTA depending on the kind of industry and territory or country it's in, and failing to do so can lead to regulatory fines, prosecution or both.

Thus, it is critically important to understand all the compliance requirements you need to meet based on your operating industry, and this can help in choosing the right document security solution that fits all your criteria and helps you demonstrate that all the required data protection procedures are in place.

What Type of Control Do I Need?

Needless to say, the better control a business has over security measurements, the less opportunity there is of data breach.  Most publishers want control to prevent illegal distribution of their content, but they don’t try to dig into the details of what kind of control will help them meet their requirements.

It is critically important to evaluate what feature or function of a document security system will help you meet your goal.  Do you want both offline and online controls?  If you plan to use the document security system for internal data protection, do you want the controlling ability to set printing usage permission for authorized users or do you want license-protected playback if you deal with digital media assets.  Do you also want to control what consumers can do?  And there could be many more depending on your requirements.

So, when do you plan to go for a document security system for your business?  Are there any other points you would like to add?  Please feel free to share your comments and thanks for reading!