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Changing fortunes for top smartphone brands

Few industries have felt such compelling growth as the smartphone market in the past decade. The devices are now an essential part of 21st century life through providing access to instant communication, commerce and online games.

But with such impressive growth comes rapidly-changing fortunes. So here’s a look at the ways in which the top types of smartphone such as Apple, Android and Windows have fared, and how they are expected to develop in the coming years.

The legend of Apple

Apple have long been held as the prime example of how technology can be beautiful as well as functional. Their iPhone has become the touchstone for smartphone technology, and their operating systems rely on an intuitive functionality that makes them failsafe communicative and gaming devices.

However, with the rise of Chinese brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi offering high-powered convenience at a low price point, Apple have sought to cater to the increasingly-competitive market through the introduction of this year’s smaller iPhone SE.

Whether this will be viewed as an aggressive marketing strategy to facilitate simple gaming and communication, or a lack of ideas remains to be seen. But with the hugely-anticipated iPhone 7 set to land in September 2016, it promises to be yet another trailblazing year for the tech giant.

Samsung dominance

Despite Apple’s ability to fascinate the world’s tech elite, when it comes to providing powerful Android models that push the boundaries of smartphone technology, Samsung are definitely the brand to watch.

They created a huge amount of headlines earlier this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 that has already become a huge global hit thanks to a sleek design and enviable processing power capable of easily playing games such as Rayman Adventures.

The product has also become something of a go-to for ardent gamers with special features such as inbuilt water-cooling that means that even a long session at the LadyLucks Roulette Masters tournament won’t cause problems, and the phenomenal mobile gameplay and lucrative prizes can be earned without suffering mobile meltdown.

The end of Windows smartphones?

Despite the Windows’ dominance of the workplace, the company have struggled to keep up with Apple and Android devices. Already many tech blogs are proclaiming the death of Windows smartphones due to poor sales of its Lumia series.

And although the eventual arrival of the Microsoft Surface phone may stave off the firm’s smartphone demise, it seems that for fans of graphics-heavy online games and complex multi-tasking, it looks to be a two-horse race between Apple and Samsung.