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These 7 games are a must have on your Android smartphone

Are you sick and tired of playing the same game over and over again? I mean, you ought to enjoy playing games but if you’ve had enough of the current one you’re playing, and you’re looking for other games to entertain you, then buckle-up as we’ll give you just that.

Allow me to share with you these 7 Android games that you’ll love playing for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Once you start playing these, you probably won’t get over them. Many have tried, but many have failed to get over these.

Don’t let the cuteness get to you, as the Angry Birds franchise continues to excite fans even though it has already been a few years since it was first released. If you haven’t played or seen the game, the objective is simple. Aim the birds at the pigs hiding in their little homes and fortress so that the former can get to their abducted eggs.

While there are a few versions of the game available for Android devices, its gameplay remains intact. Each new version, though, comes with their own unique characters with different skills and special abilities. There are hundreds of different ways to achieve a specific goal as well.

This one is one of the newest games offered on Google Play Store. It came out first in the IOS, gained support and has since then, been ported to the Android. This game will blow your mind for a number of reasons. It really lets you think, and do some serious strategizing, as it provides you with some great time to think things through.

You can’t undo whatever decision you have made, and as such it will increase the hit-or-miss factor by 10. Once you’ve successfully raised your town from the ground up, you also have to create defense measures that will help ensure other players won’t attack and burn your civilization to the ground.

The strategy also returns when you decide to bring the fight to your neighboring enemies. Pick out the right troop, the perfect positions and you’ll go home a sure-winner.

If zombies are your thing, then Dead Trigger 2 is worth mentioning. It’s a standard first-person-shooter or FPS with several missions to choose from. The game lets you walk around and shoot zombies who are out for your brain or turn you into one of them. The objective? Just live.

The addictive Candy Crush Saga from King has been under public scrutiny as of late, thanks to King filing for the term ‘candy’ as their property.Nonetheless, it is still an animating and catchy game that will blow your mind to oblivion. The objective of the game is categorized into three, you either beat the time and reach the desired score, drop down the necessary ingredient or create a combination. Either way this will get your creative or thinking juices out.

Groo is out and about and so are his minions. The game basically lets you control the adorable minions from the movie, Despicable Me 2. The goal is to go places and to increase your score. The game pushes you to the extreme by upping the stakes and making the obstacles along the way faster and smarter.

In a span of a few minutes controlling the minion goes from ‘it’s a walk in the park’ to ‘oh my god there are two flaming obstacles in two different directions’.

One of the best games from the Grand Theft Auto or GTA franchise has been officially ported over to the Android. The sandbox game will bring you all throughout the city of San Andreas as you do various missions with the main character, CJ. In between missions, you can go and interact with the denizens of San Andreas. Drive around, shoot enemies and just be one epic badass in this new addition to the Android library of games.

We can’t finish this list without mentioning the astounding and addictive game known as Plants versus Zombies. As suggested by many gaming experts know, PVZ is by far one of the greatest and most popular zombie games in the history of gaming. Whether you use cheats to get a head of the game or simply play by the rules, you’ll find that you’ll get hooked FOR DAYS playing this game!

These 7 games are staples in any Android powered smartphone. All seven games in one phone can complete your gaming fix and more importantly provide you with hours of endless fun.  Don’t miss out on the fun, go and start up your Google Play app to download these mind-blowing games. If fun isn't the only thing you are looking for, you can always use your skills at m88 to earn real money. Wouldn't that be a cool investment of your time? How many of these games do you already play on a regular basis on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments section.