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How to download files from torrent websites

Torrent websites are popular file-sharing mediums, and though they are notorious for piracy of digital content, not all the content available on these websites infringes on copyright laws. A lot of the content available there is legally free and torrent websites are a great way to get access to these. In this guide, I'll let you in on how you can download any torrent file that you want, whether on your smartphone or your PC. I have given these very same instructions to several of my friends, and when another one asked yesterday, I thought it is high time that I write this article.

The softwares mentioned in this guide are my personal favorites. In case you don't like them or have your own taste (in which you probably won't be needing this guide), feel free to use those instead of the ones mentioned later on in this page.

Not everything in the torrenting world is illegal

How to download content from your favorite torrent websites:

  1. First off, if you are in India, most of the prominent torrent websites are banned here. To overcome this hurdle, you will have to follow this guide (how to access banned websites in India) first. Fret not, it requires only a couple of minutes.
  2. If you are on PC, install uTorrent. If you plan to download torrent files using your Android smartphone, installing tTorrent would be a wise choice.
  3. Once you're able to access the blocked websites, go to ThePirateBay or ExtraTorrent or any of your favorite torrent websites.
  4. Use the search box present there to search for any file that you want.
  5. From the search results, select a result which suits your needs and has decent number of seeders.
  6. Once on the torrent page, click the magnet shaped link. (On Piratebay, this icon is accompanied by the text "Get this torrent")
    Click the magnet icon to get the download started
  7. When you click the magnet link, uTorrent or tTorrent will automatically open up, and you will need to press the download button to start your download.
And that's it. Your download will complete in some time, depending upon the size of the file and your internet speed. After just one or two files, you will start getting the hang of it, and trust me, you will stop googling for many files, and would instead prefer to torrent them!

If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section and I'd be happy to help.