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5 sure-shot tips to help you create a killer resume

A resume is the first impression that all of us try to nail whenever we apply for an exiciting career opportunity. The contents of your resume can force your employer to toss your resume aside and move on to the next candidate, even though you might be a better choice for that opportunity. In this article, we will present to you 5 sure-shot tips that will help you create a killer resume! So, without further ado, let's get started.

How to write a killer resume

  1. Selecting the right template:

    The most basic mistake that one can commit while starting out on creating their resume is to choose a template that everyone and their grandmother are using. A few quick google searches can help you find a template that isn't too mundane and would ensure that your resume stands out as a whole, regardless of the contents.
  2. Lose the objective statement:

    Quotingan author of a book on resume writing - "Back in the day, eight billion years ago when I worked in an office, my boss and I used to laugh ourselves silly over any resume with an objective statement. LOSE THE FREAKING OBJECTIVE STATEMENT. A summary of qualifications is a nice opener, but those stupid objectives — did I mention that I don't like those? UGH. I co-authored a book on IT resume writing, and I believe that [] has some good info on that front." So, will you drop that objective statement from your resume? Pretty please?
  3. DO NOT use these words in your resume:

    When the Google of Job Search suggests you something about resume writing, you should listen to them. has made a list of 10 words that you should avoid using in your resume. Go through this list and act on it, unless you want your resume to look like a cliched mess of words.

  4. Avoid generalizations, quantify your accomplishments:

    Using too many general claims does not market you well. Avoid using general terms like "excel at using photoshop" and instead, try to use specific accomplishments that you have under your belt, like (say) winning a photoshop competition at university level.

  5. Hire a pro:

    If you are still not sure about the quality of your resume, we would recommend you to go ahead and seek a professional resume editing service to help you out. Except all the tips above, this one will cost you a few bucks, but isn't that worth the dream job you've been waiting for?
Another tip that missed this list of sure-shot working tips with a whisker is to customize your resume for the company that you're applying for, especially if you are on a resume submitting spree and haven't been focussing on including "How I can contribute to your organization" part.

Let us know if you have some other handy tips in mind! We hope these tips help you land your dream job.