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How to Improve Foreign Language Skills Using Social Media

Today, learning foreign languages ​​is not only gaining a certain educational status, but often hardly an industrial necessity. The globalization of the economy, the expansion of cultural ties and the ubiquitous spread of the Internet have led to the fact that knowledge of at least one foreign language has become almost an indispensable condition for modern man. It is no secret that the knowledge of an additional foreign language increases the competitiveness of any person, whether it is a graduate of the school or an adult, who needs advancement on the career ladder. Moreover, a high level of English is a constant requirement for admission to any educational program. Does it make sense to study at a foreign university if you do not understand the lecturer or cannot write a report?

Nowadays, there are many opportunities for communication and learning foreign languages and it would be wrong not to use them. Moreover, video calls became available, so you can not only hear but also see the interlocutor. Have always wanted to visit Spain? You’ve got a great chance to learn a Spanish language through video lessons with Spanish teachers at

Let us look at the main methods how to improve foreign language skills using social media:

1. Sit in front of the TV shows or motion pictures.

Sitting in front of the TV shows or motion pictures in the language of your host nation is an extraordinary approach to improve your listening skills, in addition to it is a chance to get used to the speed at which individuals talk.

Watching movies with subtitles is a great way to learn a foreign language. Start with cartoons, where grammar and foreign words are not so difficult. Over time, go to the next level.

"Watching films was useful for me, the subtitles permitted me to coordinate what I was seeing and hearing with the vocabulary" Ashley Garth student says.

Erin McCulloch, a Hamilton College junior says: "Watching films is an incredible approach to gain another language since it helps your listening understanding".

In the case you need to try this technique, Netflix has a shockingly broad accumulation of foreign movies that are certain will improve your foreign language comprehension.

2. Change the language of your telephone and social media accounts.

Changing the language of your telephone and social media records can be useful for your learning. In this way you will get used to foreign words. At first, you will press the buttons on your phone automatically. After some time you will remember their titles in a foreign language. It may be difficult, but it will bring a result.

Where do you spend the most of your time in Internet? I guess, in the social networks. Therefore, if the main language of your account is that you are studying, then, as in the case with mobile phone, you will get use to new words and remember them forever.

By changing the language on her Facebook and iPhone to Spanish, McCulloch could learn new words and prevent herself from speculation in English.

"This method not only showed me a new vocabulary, it likewise permitted me to keep thinking in Spanish as I wasn't perusing in English each time I got a notice," McCulloch says.

You can change the language of your Facebook account by choosing "Settings" and afterward "Language." For Twitter, go to "Settings" and afterward "Record". For cell phones, visit your settings to do likewise.

3. Download applications that will help you to improve your skills.

Applications for the cell phone regularly offer effective outline courses of language learning, including learning words and expressions.

4. Listen to music.

Kelsey Cook, a lecturer at Arcadia University, spent her studying semester in Paris, France by listening to French music.

Cook's recommendation for successful learning foreign languages: "Find famous music and late hits on language that you need. Listening to French music truly helped me learn French slang and prevalent French expressions."

5. Communicate with local people.

One of the most ideal approaches to improve your language skills is to talk with native speakers. They are the main individuals you can truly trust to answer your inquiries and correct your errors.

If you cannot go to a country which language you are learning and communicate with native speakers, connect with them on social networks, on the platform, on video platforms and improve your knowledge. You will not only learn new language and become more developed person, but also you will find new friends that will expand your horizons.