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What you need to consider before buying a PDF creation software

In this article, we are going to talk about the factors that you must consider before buying a PDF creation software. After all, you need to buy something that provides a variety of features at a reasonable price. Read further if you’d like to learn more details and make the most informed decision.

I. Quality

This is the first and most important factor you should consider when investing in such software. Ensure that the application you choose is a well-known name in the industry. We highly recommend the professionals from Soda PDF, who will provide you with software that can be used on a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, they offer a number of different features such as e-signature, which is highly beneficial for business-oriented individuals.

II. Compatibility

Make sure that the files you create are compatible with other devices and applications because the idea of the PDF file is to be recognizable by every device and software. For this purpose, make sure that the app you are using follows the latest standards of the industry. Soda PDF conforms to the international safety standards, and thus it works perfectly on every computer and mobile device.

III. Print Quality

If you often share files with publishing companies, then you will need an excellent print quality to receive the desired results. All print publishing firms use PDF formats as it preserves the content and the layout without making any changes, making it highly reliable. PDF allows you to add annotations, comments, colors, videos, images and many other features. However, they can slow the printing process considerably so you might want to forget about them in some cases. Nonetheless, make the file with a PDF/X extension to eliminate most printing problems.

IV. Price

There are hundreds of software, each providing a different set of features, and the prices for those programs can vary from ten dollars to a few hundred. Maybe, the leader of the industry is the Adobe Acrobat, which offers the most features but it can cost between $300 & $450 to get its license.

Soda PDF Anywhere allows you to view every file and even incorporate a 3D page-flipping technology to your document. Moreover, you can work on two files by splitting the screen into two. Then, it saves the work to a cloud storage for a seamless access. You can even implement your signature if you’d like to sign your documents online. All these features cost between $50 and $120 on a yearly commitment and between $10 to $20 monthly.

If you’d like a product that provides the right value for a small amount of money, then you might want to consider the above selections as Adobe can cost a fortune.