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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Learning (M-Learning)

The escalation of mobile devices has dynamically changed many aspects of our life when it comes to learning; people are more on the go rather being in the traditional classroom. The cell phones and smart devices have marked the mobile learning revolution.

M-Learning (Mobile Learning) is outlined by competence to learn through portable devices. Technology plays a vital role in teaching with mobile technologies contributing their share. Learners like to acknowledge control over their learning sessions, i.e. they choose multimedia such as audio, videos and podcasts, Educational Apps to be indulged in a learning environment.  

Advantages of M- Learning

  • Flexibility is one of the main aspects of M-Learning. It provides full accessibility, i.e. students can access from any location at any time. Now, one can expect students support even outside the classrooms.
  • One of the major advantages includes it reduces the community expenses and the cost of learning materials.

  • Multi-Device Support is a major advantage of mobile learning. In mobile learning platform, the same courses are available on several devices such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops and Pc’s.
  • Phone based organizers and reminders are unified with the mobile learning platforms. Learners get the latest updates and notifications on their courses.

  • The pathway for learning established in m-learning habitat is more personalized. The learners can even download various subject related applications such NCERT App, chemistry, physics apps and much more for approached learning.

Disadvantages of M-Learning

  • One of the major hindrances in mobile-learning venue is that pupils are incapable of printing just because it requires a network connection. It is definitely not viable in real time situations.  
  • It is an evident fact that storage capabilities of PDAs are limited. Devices may become outdated quickly and due to short battery life, it may require frequent change of batteries which is actually a bit tiresome.
  • Small screens can be big hazards as students are liable to suffer from eyesight.

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