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How to Recover deleted Android files with DiskLab for Android

Did you accidentally deleted important family pictures and instantly regret it? Did your kids deleted all your contacts list while playing games? Did you factory reset your Android smartphone and lost all data? Did you fail to root your Android phone and lost all your important documents?
Android smartphones are very delicate to use because even single slightest touch can remove everything from your phone. Yes, Android smartphones are one of the most important asset in our lives nowadays but a little mismanagement can erase everything from your smartphone before you could even backup them.
Fortunately, there are many Android apps and desktop software that offers to recover deleted Android files but most of them simply doesn’t work or overpriced. We have looked around the internet market and checked most Android recovery software and we discovered that DiskLab for Android is the best among them.
What is DiskLab for Android?
TunesBro DiskLab for Android is a data recovery tool that helps to restore any kind of deleted files from your Android phone. It is a desktop software available on Mac and Windows computers. It deeply scans your smartphone and miraculously recover all the deleted files and save them to your computer.
Is it possible to recover data on Android smartphones?
The truth is, when you delete any item on your phone, they are not deleted permanently. Rather, they are saved in the cache memory of your phone and only the links are deleted so that they don’t appear on your device anymore. If you don’t download any new data on your phone after deleting the files then it is absolutely possible to recover those data again.
What kind of data can I recover with DiskLab for Android?
Here are the supported files types that can be recovered using this data recovery tool.
  1. Messages
  2. Call logs
  3. Music
  4. Videos
  5. Pictures
  6. Notes
  7. Contacts
  8. Calendar
  9. Internet Browsing History
  10. WhatsApp chats and media files.
Is it supported only for top brands?
No, DiskLab for Android supports a wide range of smartphone brands and models such as Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Vivo, Motorola, Google, Xiaomi, LG, HTC and any other model that supports Android. It is compatible with over 5000+ models and brands, so literally any kind of Android smartphone will work with this tool.
So, how to use DiskLab for Android to recover my Deleted files?
Recovering data with DiskLab for Android is as simple as a piece of cake. Even a 10 years old kid can use this program due to its easiness. The user interface of this tool is very elegant and straight forward and you can restore deleted files using the following 3 steps only.
Step 1. Run the data recovery tool and get your phone connected
As any other software, first you will need to install it on your desktop computer or laptop and run the program after the installation is finished. Now, get your smartphone connected with your PC with a USB data cable. Make sure to enable USB debugging mode to run the software smoothly.
To enable USB debugging mode, follow this instruction –
From your Android phone, go to Settings > Developer options > USB Debugging Mode > Toggle on.
Step 2. Scan your Android device
If you have done the above step perfectly then the data recovery tool will show you the “Start Scan” option. Click on it once and relax while the software analyzes your entire phone. This will take several minutes depending on the size your memory storage unit.
Step 3. Recover Deleted Android Files
The best feature of DiskLab for Android is that it let you preview all the deleted files before recovering them. This way, you can make sure that you only restore the files that are required for you and it will save you a lot of time and space on your PC.
Navigate through all categorized folders and check all the items that you want to restore. After selecting the files, click on “Recover” and save the files on the output folder in your computer.

Basically, DiskLab for Android reconnects the missing links of the deleted files and make it available again so that you can recover them. Remember, you will be able to scan your deleted files for free but if you want to recover them then you will have to register the software. The price is very reasonable considering the lost data on your phone is much more expensive. Additionally, if the tool fails to recover your data then feel free to refund your money but we are sure that it won’t be needed at all. DiskLab for Android has thousands of satisfied customers who approved the efficiency of this program.