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Gettings Started with VPN: Why you need it, How to use it


What is a VPN and why would I need it? A VPN is a virtual private network, which creates an encrypted tunnel between you and a remote VPN server. This service is operated by a VPN provider. It helps keep your data safe from people or other entities that may want to pry on it. This service also offers an excellent bonus where your device assumes the IP address of the remote server, this way hiding your online identity.

Why is it essential to encrypt my phone?

Well, think of all those important passwords to your most personal data, ATM pins, and even credit card numbers that you will be tapping in on your phone every time you make an online purchase or send your family emails or any other personal messages. This information can be monitored by people with malicious intentions when you go online in public places such as those Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops and train stations without a VPN.

VPNs can be used for a lot of things. They are very important for people who are connected to the internet, which is most of the people these days. If you like to go on social media, make online purchases, or you are just someone who would want to make sure that their private information remains private, take a look at these reasons why you may need a VPN service.

Safely connect to any Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks can be used by internet hackers with malicious intent to obtain information from your device by exploiting vulnerabilities in the networks. This can be a big problem for you as an internet user because no one, regardless of how they use the internet, would want to be intruded on their privacy. VPNs offer the opportunity of logging in to any Wi-Fi networks without worrying about their safety because their data will be encrypted regardless.

Protect your VOIP communication

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This is a service that allows you to make internet calls such as calls through Skype and similar apps. These are becoming harder for hackers to crack but they are by no means safe. All it takes is mid-level knowledge on internet protocols and a search on the internet on how to go about it. You can, however, protect your VOIP calls using a VPN.

Protect your online privacy

Most websites on the internet these days are tracked, either by private organizations or government entities that may want to use your personal data. This includes your search history, browsing history, your internet purchases and personal information on social media websites. Access to this information can be used by marketing companies to send you advertisements, which can be irritating for most people or, at the worst, it can be used by someone to blackmail you. All this means that you need to keep your personal online information private. The use of a VPN provides for just that. It allows you to browse the internet safely knowing that your data is secure.

Speed up your internet

Internet service providers often throttle your bandwidth making it slower than it is advertised. Have you ever wondered why your feed keeps buffering even when you are subscribed to 10 MB plus internet speeds? Well, there you go. But you have to ask yourself. Is that really fair? Why do you have to put up with slower internet speeds when you have subscribed for the real thing?
To avoid this, find yourself a VPN service provider and use your internet connection to its maximum potential. With a VPN enabled, the ISP (internet service provider) cannot isolate and throttle your traffic, so you will be free to stream high-quality videos on YouTube, Netflix and similar sites without the inconvenience of buffering after every other minute.

Censorship and site blocking

Some countries such as Syria, China, North Korea and Iraq censor social media platforms and other sites that allow a free and indiscriminate flow of information. Such government actions suppress the rights of an individual to access information. Using a VPN gives you a private identity, allowing you to navigate the web and get access to information in a safe way that protects you from surveillance and restrictions

These are just a few of the benefits offered by VPN service providers. It is very important for you to subscribe to a VPN service whether you are a light or heavy internet user. It protects your information and gives you the ability to browse the internet anonymously – just like browsing was supposed to be. Don’t wait, get up and get a VPN subscription today.