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Why Google Sends Sites To The Ban? Top Facts You Should Check Before It’s Too Late

Reasons Why Google Sends Sites To The Ban?

We invested enormous time as a website owner in SEO and building the popularity of our website. No matter if this is the official company website or no , right from the first day, we perform all the great work beginning from submitting the website to web-directories, release feeds to the feed directory, compose posts for self-marketing as well as blog commenting. Soon after investing enormous time on the website sometimes their site does not even rank well for the name of their own website.

"Google search" is the most widely used search engine, as well as to make sure the standard of the search results, often they ban sites to come in the search results. Usually, these sites are low-quality or spam sites. In most of the instances, such websites are intentionally created, and sometimes such incident takes place by mistake.

To illustrate, if your website is actually hacked and even malicious-code exists for long, then Google will suspend your site from the Google search. Although it is not your fault, your site is your liability, and to guarantee the safety of the Googlers, Google must do it. In this article, I will describe some more reasons why Google sends sites to the ban.

There are some factors that may cause Google search suspend for your Site. These factors are listed below.
Plagiarized Content:
One of the major violations, using a plagiarized content on your blog or site could be termed the major reasons exactly why Google suspends any website. According to the latest updates from the Google, Google search has set down quite stringent rules and regulations against the websites carrying plagiarized content. Even though, in case you are the original author of this particular content, certainly Google will be going to punish the duplicate or copied content. Therefore it is essential to make use of any articles only for once. As soon as you make any content, ensure you cross-check this for plagiarism problem using the best tool. Extracting articles from any blog or site and putting this over your website is also known as an intellectual fraud which affects under the act of copyright infringement.

Keyword  Spamming Or Stuffing:
Keyword stuffing or spamming is actually high volume of keywords or key phrase use. It is applicable both for alt tags, title tags, comment tags, invisible text, Meta tags, codes, and content. Google on discovering such website using the keyword stuffing frequently bans the websites or simply decreases the rankings in search engine. If the keywords are repeated often crossing the limitations, you are apt to be punished by Google. There's a rule of thumb, which you have to follow when using the key phrases. It suggests maintaining the density of the keyword in between 1% to 5% on any page. The best approach to use the keywords is usually asking the freelance writers to utilize them in a natural way instead of stuffing artificially.

One more reason, why the site might be suspended is because of the problem of cloaking. Not to mention, cloaking is focused on displaying different sort of articles to search engine spider against the genuine site. Any webpage, which uses the concept of cloaking, can be jammed with a lot of keywords and key phrases, which the website owners are looking forward to rank. Therefore, cloaking might be termed as deceptiveness performed by SEO experts or webmasters, which is often caught by the Google, and therefore it ends up suspending these websites.
The Hidden Links And Text:
Texts may be easily hidden in a number of ways. On the other hand, any kind of text of links which his hidden are those, which will not be noticeable to any traffic coming on the websites, however, these can be easily viewed and also picked by search engine spider. The common means of using this is via the cascading-style sheets as well as using white text on a few white background WebPages, wherever finding any link or text is just impossible by visitors. Google is now the smarter and powerful place to grab the websites trying these types of sneaky ideas accompanied by easily banning them.

Links To Some Low-Quality Websites:
Link-building is one of the vital tactics in SEO domain; but, while doing this, it is essential to perform this mission in the best way possible. Backlinking to any substandard or bad websites is the finest solution to get banned by Google. Not to mention, the bad websites include the sites using a few black hat techniques to improve the rankings in search engine. This is always important to watch over the outbound links to your website and eliminate the offenders, as soon as you see them backlinking to your site.
Code Swapping:
SEO consultants or site owners usually keep working harder to possess a webpage, which will carry higher search results pages. As soon as they can get on the top of rankings, they merely swap another page on its place. It is exactly about the code swapping that is regarded as an infringement in the view of Google search engine and therefore should get the ban.
Doorway Pages:
Doorway pages tend to be the WebPages, which appeal to search engine spider for crawling inside it that is performed simply to get high search engine ranking for the selected keywords. The genuine visitors heading over these WebPages are then sent to the genuine website, this is simply called the doorway page that is an improper action in the view of Google. Therefore, Google includes all the valid factors to ban such websites.

Actually, Google doesn't amuse on the distribution of viruses, spyware, and spam over the website. The necessary is to maintain the articles and links risk-free, it is additionally obligatory to check regularly if the links and content are being risk-free for the targeted users. Unknowingly or directly, the spread of spam and virus over the websites is firmly a work of disobedience according to the rules of Google and the site is crossed from being indexed straightly.
Unnecessary Keywords To Content:
This is necessary that the key phrases should be selected in accordance to the articles in the site, Adding the key phrases just with regard to it is definitely against the rules of Google. It is will possibly reduce the rank of your webpage or perhaps result in banning your site by Google.
Exchange Traffic?? Think Twice:
Most of the scripts which are actually a spam apparently do the job for you as well as get the visitors to your site. Never choose free traffic; this will result in the prohibition of the site from Google. Traffic exchange strategies seem too great to be real, thinking that the details would not be shared. The truth is, it will. By the moment you realize that such option is never on your behalf, the destruction might have been accomplished.
Do  Not Use Quick Traffic Strategies.
If you're using any free of cost traffic exchange or a few spam scripts strategies then prepare yourself to get suspended. These websites may make you believe that they always keep your details safe but basically, they DO NOT and can at some point get you suspended from the search engines like Google. Never choose easy & quick. Take an effective way out.
Meta Tags Or Robots:
Ensure that the robots.txt exist on the website and that there is also "do-follow" for all the search engines unless you wish to keep this a secret. Wrong articles in the robots.txt can prevent the Search engine crawler from crawling your site.
Purchasing   Links:
Purchasing links might not ban your website yet can affect the page rank. Not to mention, Google is becoming smart as well as has been hooking such strategies which put the site onto the top in just a few weeks. Many websites that have sold links have been devalued by the major search engine Google making this waste of money and time.
Internal  404s:
On the other hand, Google desires to be aware that you have a tendency to publish your articles and also weed out almost any problems and errors. If you are delivering 404s on your own site, it is a guaranteed fire sign that your visitors are not getting the details they are asking for.
Links From Websites In A Different Language:
It seems not fair, right? You have got a genuine link from your client in a different country, yet it is technically measured against you. Good, Google’s reason is sound: generally, users tend to choose one language; therefore linking to websites in a different language is not that helpful for them at all.
Hidden Link:
All the links on the website ought to be visible as well as useful to the visitors. Anything that is hidden is deemed suspicious. By no means make any link the similar color as the background of any button or page, regardless of whether you have a harmless reason.

These are simply some of the numerous factors why Google often bans a site from showing up in the search results. I suggest you to be purely natural, and only use white-hat Search Engine Optimization strategies for ranking better. Try to apply all the known signs for ranking higher, for example, authority links, quality content, page speed and the like. Do not get in any trap for ranking higher very quickly, because if you are going to utilize any kind of black-hat Search Engine Optimization strategy, at some point, Google will discover this and will certainly ban your site from search.

Before you have a shot at any sneaky technique to rank the website on the top of Google search result, it is constantly safer to cross-check these strategies to prevent your website getting suspended by the Google search. In spite of this, if you see your website getting penalized or banned by Google, then you should check the reasons mentioned above.