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What Does your Recruitment Software Checklist Look Like

The hiring process in any organization is not as easy as it seems. It is a comprehensive process that requires a lot of time, effort, manpower and resources. Planning the right description, advertising, screening résumé, and conducting interviews right up to the signing of contract.

There are many companies and HR managers who still employ the manual recruitment process. Although there is nothing wrong with the traditional method, it is time-consuming as well as a costly enterprise.

However, a lot of companies have upgraded their hiring systems to automated software.  ELMO recruitment is one such software. It is an integrated platform which significantly improves hiring variables like employee retention, cost per hire, time to hire, and employee turnover rate.

If you or your organization has been considering switching to an automated system, the recruitment software checklist should include the following:

·      It should be hosted by cloud-based technology. They provide the best and the fastest service on the market.
·      Installation, as well as implantation, should be very easy.
·      Every employee should be able to use it with minimal training.
·      It must be an integrated platform which is capable of merging with other HR systems as well as external apps.
·      Within itself, it should include and meet all the recruitment services required by the organization.
·      It should allow you and the organization to add features and users as and when needed.
·      The security protection on the software should include multiple layers.
·      The provider should offer a free demonstration, so you know its features and capabilities in real-time.
·      The privacy protection must be robust and state-of-the-art technology.
·      The company or the brand should have local support that you can easily avail.

What can you expect from automated recruitment software?

These digital systems do much more than consolidating the hiring process. When your organization incorporates one of this software, the results can include but is not limited to:

·      All services and data related to the hiring process are consolidated on one reliable platform.
·      Managers are able to perform more secure collaborations among them.
·      Application process from the candidates' end is made easy and efficient.
·      Effective communication between the company and the candidates is made possible.
·      The area of reach is wider, which allows hiring companies to reach more number of applicants.
·      Managers and companies are given the option to hire and select from the best in the industry.
·      The streamlined platform saves a lot of time, effort, and resources. It increases the productivity of the human resource department.

Which vendor to choose?

With a multitude of software companies infiltrating the market, finding the right vendor can be challenging. However, if you know the above checklist, it will make the selection a lot easier. Also, look out for the following in a recruitment software provider.

1.    Flexibility to integrate HR systems from outside for future-proofing. It must allow the addition of features, apps as well as users.
2.    Scalability of the software. Your business will not stay the same. The automated system must be capable of adapting to the growing needs.
3.    Accreditations and references. A substandard vendor will not have recognition, which is not what you want your company to be associated with.
4.    Powerful security features and privacy protection. The security system must be vigorous enough to withstand any threat.
5.    Ready technical support. The vendor must provide ready support, preferably local based. They should also offer remote assistance. Outsourced support may not be the best solution for your business.
Case studies and customer reviews. Scour for reviews on the internet. Customer reviews can be indispensable when it comes to choosing the best vendor.