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Can AI Become a Paper Writer?

The application of AI (artificial intelligence) is increasing in diverse industries in various parts of the world. And there has been concerted efforts going on to create an Artificial Intelligence writing bot that is capable of writing essay papers. Well, there has been steady progress that has been made in this regard and now big international media organizations such as Reuters, The New York Times, Associated Press, and Yahoo Sports are using AI to generate content. Does this development mean that AI can now become a paper writer? That is what we are going to be discussing in this article piece if AI can become your paper writer. If you wish to learn AI and add this new technology to your profile, check out the AI Training from Intellipaat.

AI has expanded beyond formulaic writing
When the concept of AI writing was still being conceived in its initial stages, it was mainly used to create formulaic pieces such as who, what, where and when stories. Now, the technology has greatly expounded beyond formulaic writing to even more creative writing forms including even poetry and novels.

An artificial content generator -

How does AI write content? 
There is a process that automatically creates a written narrative from data that's called natural language generation (NLG). Of course, this concept is already being used in various content generation needs that includes; business data reports, business intelligence dashboards, and even personalized emails. There is also the auto content creator which is a content writing tool that can easily be used to computer-generated articles based on a chosen topic. Interestingly this tool can create the content in less than three minutes! From all these, you can now see how the job of writing has been easy with artificial intelligence (AI). So what exactly does this mean for the many professional writers out there who even depend on writing as their source of livelihood? Can AI really be a reliable tool when it comes to creating a research paper for instance? You can find out more about this by here.

Can AI be a paper writer?
AI (artificial intelligence) as already discussed above is a computer program that is designed to create content from existing data that is already stored in a central data location. Even though there has been extensive development in improving the kind of content that the technology can create to more intuitive kind of articles such as works of poetry and even research papers it still cannot create the best research papers. To this AI cannot be your best paper writer when you need to create compelling research papers that will be loved by the readers.

While AI is such a good tool when it comes to generating multiples of content for big magazines and those big international media organizations which are already relying on it to create content. In the creation of scientific research papers, it hasn't made any impressive advances. AI can’t become a good paper writer for you as a good research paper needs a real human who will be able to think critically and make arguments and counterarguments.