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7 Tech Toys You Need in Your Collection

If you’re a big time Geek, you probably have a passionate love affair with tech. When that next big tech drops, you’re there waiting, mouth agape, to eat your fill. Well, next time you are looking to scratch that itch and get your tech fix, consider checking out one of these 7 new tech toys that will absolutely have you going bananas.

1.       Smart watches. Okay, so the Apple Watch has for sure been around for a while now, but now there are so many more smart watches on the market that you should seriously consider if you’re looking to deck out your wrist with some seriously delicious tech.

Fitness tracking and message readouts are a must, but some new models feature even more like speech to text, spoken alerts, and clearer interfaces. Plus, for those of you with a taste for the classics, there are now smart watches with analog-style faces, perfect for keeping up a classy and professional appearance while still benefiting from all the sumptuous benefits of tech.

2.       VR glasses. Are you still living in boring old regular reality? Embarrassing. It’s time to step up your perception of reality by augmenting it with a virtual overlay. There are some promising models to be expected in the near future. What sorts of things will you overlay your reality with? Maybe make people look like anime characters? Get important stats on traffic as you walk to your car? Maybe just add sepia to everything if you’re having a bad day? The options are endless.

3.        Instant photo printer. We all have tens of thousands of photos on our phones and in the cloud. That’s great, but sometimes it can be easy to lose or forget about an important one in the morass of digital archives. In order to help those important snapshots stand out, why not check out some of the newer photo printers available? This new tech will help you stay on top of your favorite pictures, and also helps you decorate your place by providing you with physical photos that you can frame and put up on the wall. Plus, your girlfriend will love a printed photo of the two of you as a gift every now and then! How sweet.

4.       Noise-cancelling headphones. Nothing is worse than chilling out to your favorite tunes and/or jams when a noise interrupts your personal jam session. Plus, with air travel for work becoming much more common, along with open office plans being the rage at every startup and tech office, you’re going to want to cancel out some of that excess noise to focus in on what’s important. No tech lover’s collection is complete without a pair of headphones that suck the noise right out of your ears and inject in its place a healthy dose of ambient chill music.

5.       Electric scooter. Companies like Bird and Lime have made electric scooters go from being an eccentric and silly form of travel to pretty much the only way to get back to your car after you parked it far away and don’t feel like walking. They’ve also made them pretty cool. Instead of sharing scooters with the unwashed masses, why not purchase your very own e-scooter to ride around town? Every tech lover fantasizes about the cool ways people will get around town in the future. We had hoped for flying cars, but, well, for now we’re just going to have to be content with e-scooters. Might as well jump on the bandwagon and ride one around!

6.       Gaming laptop. “Esports are the new regular sports.” – Unknown. If you haven’t yet woken up to the fact that video games are the single most important area in competitive entertainment, it’s time to take the red pill. If you are a tech lover, you absolutely must invest in a gaming laptop or desktop, get online, and start playing video games with your mates.

7.       Smart home speaker. Aren’t you tired of googling things with your fingers, or having to actually touch your phone to change a song? Why not invite Alexa into your home to do those things for you at the sound of your voice? No tech lover’s home is complete without a voice assistant to boss around.