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How to Make Invitation Using Invitation Maker and Slideshow Maker

Invitation Maker and Slideshow Maker helps us create Wedding Invitation Video, E-Card, Slideshow, Presentation, or Animation Online. They are easy to use Online Invitation Maker for Weddings, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Shower, Housewarming, and other events.

The best styles of templates from designers and animators worldwide. We remove the complexity involved in the video creation process. It helps in creating exceptional and unique ways of inviting guests.

Making an invitation is one of the most special moments in one's life. Wherever you are in this world, whichever culture you belong to, you can invite people, share information for your special days in a convenient way.

There is no limit for creating a video invitation or card invitation. You can create as many as you want in different styles and send it to more than 1000 people at once.

With affordable pricing, the distribution of the invitation card becomes all the merrier! With such amazing features, you can now create a creative invitation online with an Invitation maker and Slideshow maker.

The online invitation/video creation platform helps to tell meaningful stories about your life, events, and marriage. It creates high-quality invitations with ease. No software is necessary. Create your invitation video easily.

Create video from photos featuring your baby's first steps, a family celebration or a party with friends – all you need is a good slideshow editor and a little inspiration. With Slideshow Maker you can easily turn your digital photo albums into eye-catching slideshows. You don't need a degree in photography or professional help to make your slideshows shine. With slideshow maker, it is quick and has an easy to use interface and tooltips to help you quickly master the software.

An invitation is a request that someone attend something, whether it's a professional event, a wedding, a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower, or any other type of event. Invitations are sent out with event information like date, time, location, and RSVP information so recipients can confirm whether they'll be able to attend or not.

Use the invitation maker to create printable invitations easily.

Choose from one of the easy-to-customize invitation templates. Add your photos and graphics or choose from the left-hand panel. Insert your event's title, date, and location in the relevant areas. All sections can be customized for location, size, and color. Use frames to give your photos special shapes.

Design your online invitations in minutes with invitation maker. With beautiful fonts, templates, color themes, and more, plus the ability to create accompanying event materials, invitation maker is more than any old regular invitation designer.

Photos and Graphics

· Choose from millions of free images for commercial and editorial use

· Tap into thousands of high-quality vector icons, shapes, and graphics

· Adjust the size of shapes without distorting them and apply your colors to icons

Hundreds of Fonts

· Select from hundreds of the most popular fonts

Invitation Templates

Create your invitation cards that your recipients will love by starting with a professionally designed invitation card template. Browse our template options below. It's never been easier to design invitations that you can be proud of.

How to Use the Invitation Maker

· Write down all the information for your event in a document

· Choose one of the easy-to-use templates.

· Insert your photos and graphics.

· Use frames to give your images special or interesting shapes.

· Add your event information: Title, date, location, and a contact number for RSVP.

· Use the default invitation size or change it to whatever size you like.

· Download your finished invitation.


Go beyond simple invitations. Invitation maker and slideshow maker is the only tool you'll need to create all forms of visual content.

Do you want to create something unique and special for your loved ones here is the perfect slideshow maker that helps you do so. With Slideshow Maker for you can quickly compose a cool slideshow with creative effects and your choice of music. Create your personalized video slideshow! It's the perfect gift to convey your emotions and preserve the unique birthday, wedding, or graduation memories for a lifetime.

Few amazing features of Slideshow are:

· It is Quick and smart and helps you create an amazing slideshow in a few minutes.

· It's Comprehensive, you have an ample number of various filters and transitions available.

· You can have your favorite elements added to the slideshow.

· The easily downloadable feature helps you to send and upload them easily on social media.



1.     Add Photos and Videos

Upload photos and videos to slideshow maker software.

2.     Get Creative

Add music and appropriate transition style.

3.     Share

Upload your slideshow to social media and share it with your friends and family.



1. Save time with automatic slideshow creation.

2. Audio Editing

Adjust volume, remove noise, have fun with special effects.

3. Built-in Media

Use sample music, videos, and images.

4. Narration

Make your video slideshow even more personal by adding voice over.

5. Pan and Zoom

Make your photos look enticing and lively.

6. Format Support

Upload files in any popular image, audio, and video formats.

7. Color Adjustments

Tweak picture colors to brighten up your photos and videos.

Give it the perfect look and make it sound amazing

It's now easy to smooth the flow of your picture slideshow with transition effects. You can now add a touch of magic with special visual effects such as Retro, Vignette, Flying hearts, etc. You can also get your message across with awesome animated text in slideshow video maker. To make it more interesting you can overlay your choice of music to add atmosphere

or use the default themed tracks such as inspiration, Happy Home, Romantic Guitar, etc. To keep long slideshows engaging use multiple tracks. Now, make your pics move to the rhythm: with slideshow maker, you can automatically adjust the images to the beat of the music.