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Go Ghost Hunting With A Smartphone

So Hollywood has turned you into a ghost-busting maniac – not going to lie, we all got the fever! 

Halloween is pretty much the king of bizarre moments. Sure, you could go on some hayride and get stalked by “ghosts” in white makeup and period clothing. But if you’re a believer, you can always unhinge that ghost-hunter in you and look for real ghosts. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Ghost-hunting equipment requires a lot of payments. Unless you have a friend who loves to hunt for ghosts and has a full-fledged kit for you to use, you are on your own, pal. 

Now, don’t ruin your plans because you lack ghost-hunting gear; your smartphone is just as proficient and sturdy enough to help you locate spirits. Obviously, if you have an electronic voice phenomena (EVP), spirit boxes, and EMP detectors, the job would be a lot easier!

Before we embark on the journey to “how to hunt for ghosts via a smartphone,” here’s a secret:

Anyone can become a ghost hunter. There are a few paranormal investigation apps for both android and iOS. While you could rush out and spend thousands on apparatus, consider hunting for ghosts via a free app and lead from there.

So without further ado, let the hunt begin!

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First off, you must locate the spooky, ghostly spot 

Waving your smartphone in a hilly or pleasant-ish area isn’t going to help. You want to pick a place that’s known for creepy happenings, whether it’s a cemetery, a historical location, or a house. Even if you live in the country-side and don’t have a flyer that contains a list of haunted places, you’re still backed with luck to have a few local monstrous legends. Of course, you can always ask the big G for help on locating a suitable haunting place for a ghost hunting escapade.

Before you head into the darkness, equip your smartphone with the Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector app. It is suitable for Android and Apple. The designer of the application also claims it to be the most accurate and helpful ghost detecting app. It functions by detecting alterations/movements in electromagnetic fields to verify whether spirits or ghosts are present.

On the other hand, if you still believe your ghost guide should contain a few more devices, then visit spiritshack. You are guaranteed to discover some high-end and beneficial gadgets that’ll make your ghost hunting experience much creepier and successful. You can find a smartphone that already has the necessary apps for the hunt!

Learn more about the haunting or ghost, and come up with an action plan to protect yourself

When hunting for ghosts in a “particularly creepy” place, you must learn a little about the location. Are there any specific tales attached to this place? Does the spirit show up at a particular time, or is it a shapeshifter? Having a little background check on your location is a good idea. 

Keep in mind that plenty of cemeteries are closed at night. Don’t let your ghost adventure end up in a police arrest (unless that’s a risk you are willing to take). Furthermore, protecting yourself should also be a top priority. According to a few paranormal experts, whether you are a religious person or not, some protection items should be in place before you start hunting. It can be a rosary, a sage, or any form of the trinket you believe will get the job done. Showing up with nothing and have something terrifying attach you from behind is something you would NEVER want to happen!

Additionally, respect is required for ghosts, as you are disrupting and entering the places they reside. Therefore, keep your protective walls high!

Enter the premises

One way to safely make it through the grounds is by firing up the EMF recorder and scanner. The gauge will start to move. As you know, EMF meters have indicating lights that display movements, and so, if the indicator moves to the red light, something paranormal is among you and your companions. 

The device features a magnetometer sensor and switches your phone into an EMF detector. The next step is to walk around the building or grounds to pick up on any paranormal movements. Even if you miss anything, your device will record every second of the trip for you to review later.

Take as many pictures as you can

You can’t fail in this department, can you?

If you come across anything that makes you want to scream, “Ahaa, a ghost!” your best bet is to take a picture of it instead of actually screaming. However, we’re curious as to how you’ll manage the latter!

Keep in mind that not every ghost image will be of a transparent personality casually hanging around. But you might come across lights, orbs, or other spooky anomalies. 

Most ghost pictures have reasonable explanations: reflections, someone’s thumb in front of the lens, the camera’s flash, or so on. Therefore, remember to master the art of taking ghostly photographs with your smartphone before you struggle with it. 

Record unusual activities

With the EMF recorder and scanner you have on you, keep your smartphone active for any unusual activities. If you are feeling a bit intimidated by the process, don’t be! The app is straightforward to use. It has all the necessary topographies and options laid out in front, so you can instantly get the hang of every function.

When recording unusual movements, click on the recording button (located on the top left corner). The recording mode is extensive and enables you to ask as many questions as you want.

You can set the timer from one hour, five hours, or just 20 minutes – entirely up to you! The device will alarm you if something weird comes up.

Finally: review everything

Congratulations, you’ve done it – went ghost hunting with just a smartphone! Not everybody can do that, you know. Additionally, you must be thinking, “I never knew ghost hunting could be that easy!” We’re glad you feel that way. 

So your last step of the venture should be to review everything. Please do not check the evidence in the middle of the hunt, as it doesn’t take much to become distracted and lose everything. It is best to record as many activities as you can. In the end, don’t forget to thank the spirits for not harming you. 

You can further analyze the evidence with other tools and applications to achieve a more precise observation. Just don’t forget to use the applications mentioned above when communicating with spirits.