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5 Ideas to Improve Your Social Media with Video Maker Apps

Do you want to increase your social media follower count? If you want more fans that give your social media profiles tons of engagement, you need stunning content that captures their attention. Apart from pictures and words, you must share amazing videos that captivate the eyes. Thankfully, you can use an online video maker to create fabulous audio-visual creations that resonate with your followers.

After all, in terms of all content formats, the video holds the top spot. Firstly, people love cool videos because they get entertained and learn a lot.  Secondly, videos pave the way for better understanding because you can pack a lot in just a short amount of time.  Hence, if you want to make waves on social media, you must learn to optimize your video maker. Here are five creative ideas that you can do with your video maker apps to amplify your social media profiles. 

Place Creative Transitions For Seamless Stories

Use this excellent post-production technique called transitions to beautify your videos.  This approach helps propel your storyline forward as it connects one scene to the next. For example, if you want to join two shots together, include a transition for a seamless and fluid look. With a video maker, you can add the following transition types:

  • Classic cut

  • Fade

  • Dissolve

  • Wipe

  • Fly

  • Mix

  • CrossFade

Put Various Sound Effects to Ensure Vibrant Work

Most newbies forget that videos are not just about visuals. Keep in mind and you also need great audio to ensure that your followers pay attention to your work. You may have the best footage, but it will amount to nothing if your work possesses terrible sound quality. Thus, pay attention to the following details:

  1. Musical scoring

Notably, music is a language on its own that evokes emotion. Thus, if you want to impress your followers, incorporate musical scoring. With your video maker, choose from a broad range of copyright-free songs to accompany your work.

  1. Voice-over narration

Narratives can provide more information that ensures better understanding. Therefore, include voice-overs with your video editor. Make sure to use talent with a soothing voice that draws in the crowd.

  1. Sound effects

Got a loud explosion, breaking glass, or banging door? Make your work more robust and vibrant by using sound effects in your free online editing software. Just drag and drop the impact you want, and you complete it in minutes. As a result, you've got compelling content fit for social media. 

  1. Enhance existing sound

Finally, you can enhance your video's existing sound with the help of online software. Make the sound more vibrant and cut the layers to take out background noise. However, you must remember that you can only do so much with this feature. For instance, if you record lousy sound quality, you cannot miraculously make it sound better. Hence, start by ensuring you capture sound with a good quality mic and incorporate premium sound bytes in your videos.

Include Text or Typography To Pave the Way for Better Understanding

Certainly, to ensure clarity and better recall, incorporate text with your videos. You can readily add text overlay with a flick of a button with your video maker. Next, choose the font, size, and color to suit your context. For example, you can add the following text content:

  • Title screen

  • Intro and outro credits

  • Subtitles or closed captioning

  • Tips to highlight critical actions

Incorporate Colorful Animation to Add a Touch of Professionalism

Easily manage your video production and bring concepts to life by incorporating animation into your work. For instance, animation strikes the right tone with social media followers because they look cute. Most importantly, they make your videos look professional. Fortunately, you can readily add animation with the aid of your video maker. Moreover, bring all your abstract ideas to life as animation assures classy and effective execution. After all, everyone loves animation, from kids to oldies. It is a very enticing medium that’s also super cost-efficient.  

Use Stock Photos or Video Clips to Enhance Existing Footage

Are you unhappy with your current footage? If you feel that your work lacks that extra “oomph,” you can readily remedy the situation. Certainly, a reliable online video editor assures you have access to an extensive library of stock photos and video clips. Choose from many different visuals to spruce up your existing work. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about copyright or trademark issues when you work with a reputable video editor.  

Final Wrap Up

Thus, optimizing your online video maker can be incredibly rewarding, whether for YouTube demos, IGTV explainer videos, or FB slideshows. If you want to generate more attention for your social media profiles, you need to keep these editing tips in mind. In short, starting with the right tools ensures you can make the best content that wows your audience. Receive likes, shares, and comments. Above all, increase your follower count when you produce the best videos ever.