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How You Can Utilize PDFs on Mac

PDFs are commonly utilized file format as it allows you to share data across operating systems while maintaining its integrity. You can convert data from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, etc., into PDF and share them over email or smartphone efficiently.

The portable document format offers top-notch security to the content stored in it, and you can prevent any unauthorized access through password protection. When you search for PDF tools, you must be looking for splitting a PDF into smaller parts or merging two PDFs into one file.

In this article, we will elaborate on the most useful PDF tips that will help you to work beyond converting, splitting, or merging PDFs. Let's start from the basics.

Convert a Document to PDF

Though most of us know how to convert a document into PDF, it's important to mention it for the uninitiated. Download and install the Adobe Acrobat application on your Mac to get started. Right-click the file that you want to convert and select Convert to Adobe PDF. Alternatively, drag and drop the PDF to the application's icon on the desktop.

Convert a PDF to a Document

Launch Google Drive and click on Settings. Tick the checkbox available with Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format. 

In your Google Drive account, upload the PDF by clicking New and then selecting File Upload. Once the PDF uploads, open the document, go to the File, select Download, and then select Microsoft Word (.docx) to download the PDF as a document. However, you can only convert PDFs of 2GB file size through Google Drive.

Rotate a PDF

You can rotate a PDF on a mac using the Preview app to change its orientation. If you want to rotate a single page, use Touch Bar or click to rotate the page to the left and keep rotating. To rotate PDF to the right, hold down the Options key and press the dot. 

For rotating multiple pages simultaneously, go to View, click on Thumbnails or click View, and then click Contact Sheet. Select the pages you wish to rotate and click to rotate to the left. To rotate multiple pages to the right, hold down the Options key and click the dot.

Print a PDF

You can create a PDF out of different file formats, be it a Word file, Spreadsheet, or Web Page. Creating PDFs on Mac will require you to go to the Print menu. In the word processing application you are working with, click on File and then select Print. A dialog box appears, click on the PDF button available on the left side, and select Save as PDF.

Rearrange a PDF

Mac allows you to rearrange pages in your PDF within the Preview window. Click Thumbnail View or Contact Sheet from the sidebar on your Mac and then drag and drop pages in the order you want to rearrange your PDF. It will reorganize the pages of your PDF in the desired order without compromising data. You are ready with your PDF.

Annotate a PDF

After creating a PDF, you can annotate it by opening it in the Preview window on the computer. Click on View and select the Show Annotations Toolbar. A toolbar will appear on the bottom left corner of the document. Annotation is a feature that allows adding additional objects to the PDF, such as adding new text, sticky notes, text boxes, or marketing text, notes, shapes, etc.

Crop a PDF

You can select an area in the PDF to create a new image based on your selection. In the PDF, click Select, then select an area and copy it. In the Preview window, click File, select New from Clipboard, and your selection will turn into a new document. You can save this document in multiple formats such as JPG, PNG, and PDF, etc.

Bookmark a PDF

If you want to save multiple PDFs to view them later, you can bookmark them. In the Preview window, click Bookmarks, and click Add Bookmarks. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command + D keys to bookmark PDF.

Compress a PDF

Compressing the PDF files will let you make some storage space on your Mac hard drive. However, the PDF may display lower-quality text after compression. For compressing your PDF files, open the PDF in the Preview, go to Files, and then select Export. 

Click Quartz Filter pop-up menu, and pick Reduce File Size. You can compress the PDF files to reduce their size and make them appropriate for sharing.

Save Web Page as PDF

You can convert a webpage into a PDF file via browser to save it on your Mac system. To save a webpage as a PDF, press and hold down Command + P. Click the arrow to select the printer, click Save as PDF, and navigate to select the storage destination.