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Plastic Door Curtains - 5 Steps For Choosing The Perfect Plastic Door Curtains In AU

Strip doors and plastic door curtains are utilized in a variety of industrial applications. They're used in warehouses and factories, among other places. The key benefit of these doors is that they provide the type of separation that is needed between any two portions at the same time while allowing free flow between them. Strip doors come in a variety of styles, each of which is designed for a specific purpose. This guide will lead you through the variables that will help you choose the best plastic door curtains for your needs.

Selecting A Strip Curtain Or Plastic Door Curtain

Ask yourself the following questions to get the best strip curtain for your needs:

1.    What Should The Overall Size Of My Strip Curtain Be?

 Strip curtains should just touch the ground and extend 2 to 3 inches horizontally beyond the opening. You should know where your strip curtain will be installed before purchasing one since it needs to be the suitable height and breadth to work effectively. Plastic door curtains are available in a variety of height and width combinations to accommodate the variety of commercial door sizes. A standard door size is 80 inches tall by 36 inches wide, but plastic door curtains are available in a number of height and width combinations to accommodate the variety of commercial door sizes. 36, 40, and 42 inches wide by 80 and 86 inches tall are the most frequent measurements.

2.    What Kind Of Foot Traffic Will My Strip Curtain Have To Deal With?

Plastic door curtains can be used in locations with light or heavy traffic. In addition to foot traffic, high-traffic zones frequently have a notable amount of movable equipment; in the case of foodservice operations, this could include dollies, heated cabinets, and other caster-mounted equipment. If you don't install a strip curtain built to withstand heavy traffic and your entryway is mostly used by staff moving mobile equipment, you'll have to replace the strips more frequently.

3.    What Size Strip Do I Need?

The strips in a plastic door curtains that should be used in a foodservice establishment are usually 6 or 8 inches wide. Wider strips can be difficult and uncomfortable for a person to pass through, but will pose no problems for equipment. Thinner strips are recommended for entry points that are primarily used by employees who are on foot.

4.    Is It Best To Use PVC Strip Curtains?

 PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic plastic polymer that is used to make the majority of strip curtains. PVC, on the other hand, is acceptable for a wide range of temperatures, from -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

5.    How Do I Want To Install The Plastic Door Curtains?

Strip doors are put on the wall above the entrance and take only a few minutes to install. The strip curtain you buy, on the other hand, can come with a flat hardware system or a mounting bracket and tube. The strips must be fastened between two parts in the flat hardware system, but the bracket-and-tube system uses strips that are looped at the top, making it easier to replace old or damaged strips.