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Introduction to Cisco Certification and Cisco Exam

Cisco certification is launched by Cisco, a famous manufacturer in the network field. It is an international authoritative certification in the field of Internet. Cisco certification includes CCNA certification, CCDA certification, CCNP certification, CCDP certification, CCSP certification, CCIP certification, CCVP certification and CCIE certification (also for routing and switching; voice; storage network; security; telecom operators) and other different levels, different contents and different directions.

The company launched Cisco Career Certification Program (CCCP) for the network planning and network support of its products, and required its agents in various countries to have such engineers, so as to improve the service quality to users and establish the qualification certification system of Cisco product network engineers.

Examination Information

To obtain Cisco certification, you must first participate in the training courses offered by Cisco Training Partner (CTP) recommended and authorized by Cisco. After completing your studies, you will take the certification examination in the subjects designated by Cisco at the examination center authorized by the global examination organization sylvan Prometric. After passing the examination of the specified series of subjects, such as CCNA exam, CCNP test, CCIE exercise, students can obtain the qualification certification of the corresponding branch series level. Learn the facts here now.

The examination content of Cisco certification includes written examination and experiment. The written examination will take two hours in a globally certified examination center. Find more information here. Due to the standardized examination of computer networking, students can know their grades as soon as the examination is over. The experimental test is limited to six test sites designated by Cisco worldwide, located in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Japan, New Century Hotel and Hong Kong. The laboratory test is divided into two days. On the first day, students are required to use the equipment provided by the laboratory to establish a network. The next day, the examiner deliberately damaged the students' network, and the students should find ways to find out the faults and solve them.

Examination Fee

The price of computer-based certification test ranges from USD 65 to USD 300, or the equivalent currency in other countries. The price of ICND and INTRO test is USD 100, the price of comprehensive test is USD 187.50, and the price of CCIE written examination is USD 300. Candidates pay directly to Cisco authorized examination agents (Pearson VUE or Prometric). The cost of CCIE laboratory examination is USD 1,250.

Examination Certification

After the examinee has passed all the examinations required for a certain certification and signed the necessary agreement, Cisco will send the examinee the Cisco vocational training certification certificate, which indicates the ID and validity period of the examinee's Cisco vocational training certification certificate.

The electronic certificate will be delivered within 3-5 working days, while the written certificate will be delivered within 6-8 weeks.

Candidates who have obtained the certification qualification have the right to use the corresponding Cisco vocational training certification mark showing the certification level.

Before use, they must read and accept the Cisco professional certification mark agreement. The logo can be obtained through the Cisco qualification tracking system.

Cisco vocational training certification tracking system can provide records of examination and certificate status. Candidates and certificate holders need to provide the latest contact information in order to receive notifications from Cisco.