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The Latest In-Car Gadgets And Tech That Improve Safety On The Road

As the world becomes more populated, the roads become more crowded. However, technological advances have been at the forefront of augmenting traffic safety regardless of the mode of transportation. According to scientific research by Virginia Tech, drivers with hands-free devices are far less likely to cause accidents. Therefore, incorporating in-car gadgets can help reduce road accidents by a huge margin

Baby Monitor

One of the essential concerns of any parent is the child. While driving, parents often turn behind to check on their child resulting in momentary road blindness. Such a scenario may cause accidents. However, companies are making cool tiny traveler baby monitor devices that attach to the headrest enabling the parent to view the child without turning back. Three brands are making wireless baby monitors for cars, including Yada Wireless Baby Monitor, Zooby Car Baby Monitor, and Feisike Baby Camera.

Hands-Free Gadgets

Drivers look to minimize physical inputs during driving to make their driving experience better. Tech companies have developed new devices such as the Amazon Echo Auto that allows drivers to interact with the car hands-free. Amazon’s Echo Auto will enable drivers to change radio stations, set alarms, and timers making commutes more effortless and enjoyable. Other similar brands to Echo Auto include Anker ROAV Bolt, Avantree Smart Bluetooth Speaker, and iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro. These devices improve the driving experience by removing physical input and replacing them with quick, fun, and efficient voice commands.

Why is professional detailing also important?

Did you know that detailing is more than just making your car look great? Besides protecting your car’s exterior, detailing done by professionals also includes cleaning out the engine of the car. During the process, dust is removed from your engine, as well as dirt, and it allows your car to run smoothly and at lower temperatures. As Second2Noneauto reports, “Engine cleaning is a big benefit of auto detailing that is not provided with a regular car wash.”

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Wouldn’t it be great to always know the pressure in one’s tires? Well, with technology, all that and more becomes available to drivers through mobile apps. Before taking any long road trip, a driver should ensure their vehicle is ready for the road. Devices such as the Fobo Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System, B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS, and Vesafe Wireless TPMS can be installed inside the car to help monitor tire pressure.

These devices are essential because they save the driver from kneeling and spending time checking tire pressure. They work well and remind the driver when the tires need to be inflated, making the driving experience enjoyable by removing one less thing to worry about.