Acid Audio Engine brings crisper sound quality to all devices

Team Ac!d (or Acid) has come up with a sound mod, called Ac!d Sound Engine, which promises to enrich your music listening experience. For those of you who don’t know who Team Ac!d is, they are a group of developers who have teamed up to add the goodness of various Sound technologies present on different mobile phones into a single sound mod.
The Sound Mod comes in two packages: one is named Ac!d Audio Engine v5.0 Universal edition, which theoretically works on all Android devices out there, while the second one is exclusively for 720p+ devices and is named Ac!d Audio Engine v5.0. Both the packages are meant to be installed on devices running ICS and above only (that’s not universal, right? I too had the same thought.)

This is what Team Ac!d has to say about the mod:
This Engine is a port of several Audio Technology, each of them are well known to enhance some specific audio part, our goal was to get them working simultaneously with a lot of personal optimisation, modifications, tweaks and unique features by our Team.
The various Sound Technologies that have been put into this mod include Sony XLoud, Beats Audio Engine, Cyanogen DSP, Dolby Digital sounds and a few more. The result you obtain is fairly noticeable especially if you have a decently good pair of earphones. For instance, treble seems to be more natural and soothes the ear. Bass is deeper and immersive. The overall sound quality that reaches your ear is thus vastly improved.

Also included are some additional add-ons  like Walkman, Noozoxide, Awesome Beats, Incredible Bass and Dolby Digital addon. Only a single add-on can be applied at once though, and as the thread starter and team ac!d member R-ikfoot points out, the combination of Ac!d Sound Engine and Walkman produces the best sound, you can surely check out other permutations though.

Conclusion: If you are a music fan and own an Android phone which runs on Ice Cream Sandwich or above, then this sweet little mod is really worth a try. Instructions and download links are present in this xda thread. The developers of this mod really appreciate your feedback, so if you enjoy the mod (and even if you don’t), don’t forget to give your feedback to make the sound mod sound even tastier!
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