Install Mobistel Cynus T2 rom on Micromax A110

As you might already be aware, most of the Android phones by local manufacturers (in this case, Micromax) are rebranded chinese phones. Many local manufacturers from other countries also do the same. Micromax A110 is sold as Mobistel Cynus T2 in Germany, with small variations here and there.

The major variations in Cynus T2 is that it comes with a 12 MP camera and obviously, a different stock rom customised by Mobistel.

The other few differneces in the T2 rom as noted by users are:
  • Although the Cynus T2 is having exactly same hardware as A110, still it is having a camera of 12 megapixels compared to the 8 megapixel camera in Micromax. So, the change is due to the difference in rom. Now, question arises why Micromax limited the camera to a mere 8 megapixel. The answer lies in the MT6577 chipset that powers the A110 (and T2 as well). Mediatek 6577 chipset supports camera resolutions upto 8 MP only, anything above that would only increase the size of the picture, no difference in picture clarity will be there.
  • Flash intensity (which Micromax increased significantly in the stock rom v2) in Cynus T2 is even greater than in A110 running v2 (or v1, also).
  • The Cynus T2 reportedly doesn’t face as much issues of battery draining as in A110.
  • Sound output is better in Cynus T2 stock rom (as reported by xda members).
  • Cynus T2 is reportedly having better (Adobe) Flash performance which leads to an even nicer browsing experience.
The main reason for which Micromax A110 users can rejoice on the fact that this rom has worked fine on Micromax A110 is that Mobistel is planning to release a Jelly Bean update for the Cynus T2 and thus the updated rom should also work on A110. The update is reported to happen in the first week of January. Stay tuned to my blog for updates on that.

Install Cynus T2 Stock rom on Micromax A110:

If you've already flashed stock rom v2 or any other custom rom, then you have the needed experience. If not, this guide is here to help you out.
Note: If you fail in installing the rom below, it is suggested that you first flash the stock rom v2 and then try the below rom.
  1. Download the Cynus T2 rom and transfer it to your sdcard. (Doesn't matter if it is copied into internal or external, you will have to choose the file's location accordingly while flashing the zip file.)
  2. The rom is said to be working fine only if you flash it via stock recovery. If you had flashed clockworkmod recovery, read this guide (the first part of the guide will help you flash back stock recovery to your A110).
  3. Switch off your mobile. Once it is completely switched off, press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button until the screen lights up. Press Volume Up to go to recovery now.
  4. Flash the rom by selecting the apply update from sdcard option (choose between this option and the option named apply update from sdcard2 depending upon the location in which you copied the rom.) and then select the zip file of the rom.
  5. Reboot your device and enjoy!
Gallery: A few snapshots from the T2 rom flashed on an A110.

Thanks to Kishore Kanna and Rameez Shaikh for testing this out. Here is the original thread going on in case you want to join the discussion. Leave your comments below if you are facing troubles installing the rom. Other feedback about the rom is also welcomed below.
Forgot to mention that you can later on root your A110 again and flash clockworkmod recovery back if you want.
Note: If you want to flash this rom just because of the 12 MP camera, let me say again that it won't impact the image quality because of MT6577 processor limitation. Still if that is the sole reason you want to fash this rom, flash this patch instead.
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