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How to flash Stock ROM on Micromax A110

There can be quite a few reasons why you might want to go back to your good old stock ROM on the Micromax A110. Maybe you want to restore the warranty, or maybe you didn't like the custom ROM you just flashed, or maybe your girlfriend beat you up for rooting her mobile and asked you give her the mobile the way it was before you messed it with. Whatever maybe the reason, this guide will get you out of ugliest possible situations and will help you flash stock ROM on Micromax A110.

THere will be two major steps to get a "good as new" Micromax A110"
  • Replacing Clockworkmod recovery with Stock Recovery (Skip this if you didn't flash clockworkmod recovery to your device)
  • Flashing Stock ROM to your device

To flash stock recovery on Micromax A110:

The one on the right is our target
  1. Download Stock Recovery and transfer it to the root of internal sdcard of your phone. The root of internal sdcard means inside the internal sdcard outside any folders.
  2. Rename the file to recovery.img
  3. Download MobileUncle Tools from play store.
  4. Allow superuser permissions, when it asks for them.
  5. Choose the option "Recovery Update", and it ill scan your sdcard for recovery.img file.
  6. When the recovery.img file is listed, tap on it.
  7. A popup asking you  "Do you want to flash the recovery" will appear, click yes and proceed.
  8. Finally select reboot to recovery to check that stock recovery is stored.
You are half way through the process. Say Hurray!

To flash stock ROM on Micromax A110:

A Micromax A110 connected to the laptop
  1. Download Stock ROM from here or here. If you want, you can flash the newer update to the stock ROM i.e. Stock ROM v2, which is available here. (The only main changes in v2 are that internal sdcard's storage is decreased to 1 GB to increase app storage space to 1.5 GB and the flash's intensity is increased.)
  2. Download this pictorial guide. It will give you step by step details on how to flash stock rom to your Micromax. The guide is provided by Micromax itself.
  3. That's it, by following the step by step guide I've linked above, you can easily flash the stock ROM to your device.
I hope you have got your device back to factory state. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments, I shall do my best to help you out. Follow me to interact with me at various social networks. Subscribe to the email updates from the right sidebar to get new articles delivered to your inbox as soon as I hit the "Publish" button! Good luck with your phone, you have really made a smart move by buying this phone, the phone's awesome. Right?