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Micromax A110 Development Page: ROMs, Guides, Everything!

Hii everyone!!!
Our Lovely Micromax A110
In this article, we will talk about the developmental aspect of Micromax A110. Every development stuff that takes place anywhere and is related to MMX A110 should be present here. I shall try to keep this page updated for as long as I can. So, if you are a Micromax A110 user, make sure that you bookmark this page and follow me on different social networks, so that whenever I add anything here, you can get to know about it!


  • Rooting Guide
    • This guide will help you root your device. If you don't know what rooting is, see the guidewhat is rooting present in Guides for newbies section below.
  • Clockworkmod Recovery Guide:
    • Flash clockworkmod recovery using this guide. Again, if you don't know what clockworkmod ise, see the guide for newbies section.
  • GPS Fix:
    • GPS takes too much time to get a lock. This little fix decreases that time manifolds.
  • Swap your phone's Internal sdcard and External sdcard:
    • Swap your phone's internal sdcard with external sdcard so that you can store data of heavy games easily without thinking about memory space.
  • Flash Stock ROM:
    • Want to go stock again? What are you waiting for then? Go, read this guide!

Guides for Newbies:

ROMs for Micromax A110:

Clicking on the name of the ROM will tkae you to the xda thread. The ROM can be downloaded from there or from the downloads section on this page!
  • Radeon ROM: Developed by acervenky
    • Google Now
    • Xperia Launcher
    • Smoothness Tweaks
  • Dr. Bhokali ROM: Developed by mujahidali
    • Supercharger Script
    • Touchwiz Launcher
    • Deodexed and Zipaligned
  • JMP ROM: Developed by jigarpattani
    • Galaxy S3 Launcher
    • Xperia X-Loud
    • Bravia Engine
  • IndiAnDroid ROM: Developed by Subtrix
    • Init.d support
    • Boltware Removed
    • Busybox installed
  • Dzire ROM: Developed by Danceoff
    • FaceLock
    • Boltware Removed
    • Xperia Music Player with Visualizer
  • Stock ROM
  • Stock ROM v2:
    • Here's the guide to flash the latest official update
    • Internal sdcard's storage reduced to 1 GB and app storage increased to 1.5 GB
    • Flash intensity increased

Downloads available:

To know how to use the below files, refer their respective guides, which are most probably linked on this page itself.
Key Combinations:
When you are switched off, Press Volume Up+ Volume Down + Power button until the screen lits up. After that, press Volume Up to go to Recovery mode and Volume Down to go to Factory Mode. In clockworkmod recovery guide, I have told you how to scroll up and down. If you didn't read that guide, then I am not responsible. Still, in cwm, Volume up translates to scroll up, volume down is equivalent to Scroll Down and Power button can be used to select.

Find out what it costs Micromax to build a Micromax A110!

Facebook Group:
Join this Facebook Group if you want to discuss anything related to the A110.

Sign this Petition to urge Micromax to release Kernel Source for the A110 as well as other phones.

That's all for today, will try to keep you updated. Awaiting comments from you guys!