How to restore last Chrome session or a recently closed Chrome taba tab when closed accidentally

Google Chrome, from being introduced in 2007, has reached the number one status among web browsers, trumping the oldies - Firefox and Internet Explorer, in a race that is almost as old as the internet itself. If you are a regular Chrome user, you must be well aware of the disappointment you feel when you accidentally hit the deadly exit button when on the Chrome browser. Unlike Firefox, Chrome doesn't ask you to confirm whether or not you actually want to quit the browser, no matter how many tabs you have currently open. Thus, I (and you too) end up accidentally closing the browser. This is often a nightmare come true - especially if you, like me, keep a lot of tabs open at the same time. With this tip, you will able to restore your last Chrome session, just like you could when there was an option to do so in the new tab page.

So, as I said, there used to be a button at the bottom right corner of the new tab page in Chrome, which allowed users to quickly open any tab - or tabs, when the browser itself - was closed. Now that the option has vanished, this tip is the only thing that will save your day. In case of quitting Chrome browser itself (i.e. not a single tab), you might receive a bat at the top stating that Chrome exited unexpectedly and asking whether you would like to Restore the last session. You can simply press that button to restore your complete session. But this only works if the browser exited unexpectedly, like in case of forced exit during shut down. In all other cases, especially in those involving you pressing the red exit button yourself, this option won't appear.

How to restore last Chrome session if you accidentally quit Chrome

So what do you do when you don't get the Restore last session option? Simply press the Control + Shift + T key combination simultaneously, and your session will be automagically restored. Remember that this would only work if you haven't closed any single tab since opening Chrome again. For instance, you accidentally quit Chrome and had 10 tabs open. Then start Chrome again and press the Ctrl. + Shift + T key combo. If you start doing some work in the new session, and close a tab while doing so, before restoring the last session, pressing the aforementioned key combination then would not result in restoration of the last session - it would only bring back the tab you just closed.

The video below shows this shortcut in action.

How to reopen a Chrome tab that you just closed by mistake

If you pressed the tiny grey colored cross bar next to a Chrome tab, by mistake or intentionally, and want to reopen it, the Ctrl. + Shift + T key combination is here for you again. You can press this key combination as many times as you want and dead tabs will keep rising out of their graves - in the reverse order that you killed them. For instance, the first tab to get reopened will be the one that you just closed.

Pro Tip: If you find it hard to press key combinations involving three keys, or are not sure whether you press all the keys at the same time or hold them - Press and hold the first one, then press and hold the second one, then press the third key once (or as many times as you want to execute the keyboard shortcut, which in this case, will keep reviving dead, and deader, tabs). Ah, and don't forget to release the first and second one when you are done. :P

So, I hope that you found what you were looking for. One important thing to note here is that although you can restore a closed tab or lost session, don't go completely careless knowing this, because when you reopen a closed tab, you might lose the information that you had typed somewhere in that tab, or whether that page was carrying your information to the server when you closed it and reopening it might send the same information to the server again, which can lead to unwanted results especially in cases such as e-payments. So, "Browse Safe - Don't go carelessly killing your tabs" is what we would like to wrap this up with. Peace out.
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